Traveler's InsuranceAuto coverage of their commercial client

Six years ago a Travelers customer in his company car and on his cell phone slammed into my 47 year old sister Lisa Motts car and changed our lives forever. Her air bag bent her ribs causing permanent nerve damage and she suffered a concussion that made her not aware how thoughts and life would be effected for life. The Traveler's management has attorneys that have dragged out the normal case for those six years. She lost a lucrative bank management job due to the concussion damage. She lives with chronic excruciating pain. The nerve damage caused fibromyalgia. She never knows when she can sleep. we lost the strongest matriarch in our family.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Saint Paul, MNShe lost her highest earning years which means her Social Security earning years and her retirement years.Why? Why Traveler's managers. You take a risk when you insure companies. You insured a company that hired an employee that chose to talk on the phone while driving. Go after him please! Not my sister. We have gone through 3 attorneys, two judges and you are hoping for her to quit. But I am praying she does not quit. We lost Lisa. She lost her life and that will NEVER change! I am begging the upper management to review this customer and this response and take responsibility for Lisa being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Please do what you are supposed to do and take responsibility for your commercial client and his negligence. Admit she has lost 20 years of her earning years and do the right thing.

Apr 30, 2017

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