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1998, we purchased a home & having Geico for auto insurance already, checked with them for a homeowner's policy. We were told they didn't write HO policies but that Traveler's wrote policies for them. We decided to try Traveler's. First thing you know, an appraiser came out, then wrote a report saying we needed side rails for small front steps. They weren't nice about it; told us either comply, or we'll drop you. My husband decided to comply. I did check with Code enforcement; the rails were not code. I didn't like them from that point, but my husband wanted to keep them. Fast forward to now. Roof losing shingles over & over, a friend urges us to call & says, hey, you'll have no problems. Wrong answer, but maybe a right answer...for the truth to come out. Guess what I find out? Although we started off with 1% windstorm & hail peril; a few years back, Traveler's had bumped us to 5% I checked with NCDOI. It isn't illegal for Travelers to do that. But there's something else here. We are both ex-military; my husband is a veteran of 24 years combined services. GEICO first suggested Travelers...GEICO goes through a big song & dance about how they appreciate the military & even look out for them. WRONG ANSWER HERE...IF GEICO was looking out for this particular group, HOW do they allow Traveler's to get away with raising the Windstorm & Hail from 1% to 5% ??? NCDOI says a company can charge any percentage from 1 to 5. Says the company does not have to disclose what they are doing, that if you don't read your policy carefully, oh well. So, if a person has 5%, an example of a deductible might be $8, 000. A roof may cost only $4500 (these are not exact figures but close). Is GEICO that out of touch with what their "partners" do to customers? REALLY? Let it be said here, irregardless of how GEICO may try to "bundle" services (we already had the auto & added the homeowners), the fact is, IF YOU THINK THEY ARE LOOKING OUT FOR MILITARY FAMILIES, THINK AGAIN. And as for Travelers? My experience now with them, telling me in essence, if I need a new roof, I better just pay for it myself...I don't know what else is coming as I plan to cancel them; I think they are capable of pulling more stunts before that gets accomplished. BUYER BEWARE...In TWO ways. IF you have GEICO and want to add Homeowner's coverage with them, GO IN WITH YOUR EYES OPEN, do NOT TRUST THEM like we did. We thought GEICO had our interests. NOPE. GEICO, you should be ashamed. You should NOT allow your partners to gouge customers, ESPECIALLY the military folks who signed up thinking that they are truly favored by Geico. We had NOT filed any claims until now. The account always properly paid up. Well, GEICO, you understand the military has a chain of command...You were in charge at the get-go, you let your "Privates" (Travelers) carry out the Mission. They failed. That means you've failed. MILITARY...beware of Geico. TRUST BUT VERIFY. If Geico had done their job, they would NOT have allowed Travelers to increase the 1% Windstorm/Hail all the way up to 5%. THANKS, GEICO LIZARD. As for Traveler's? That cute dog in their commercials is nothing but a bad dog. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, AVOID TRAVELERS LIKE A PLAGUE. All they care about is taking your money. Don't give them the business. If what I have written helps someone avoid the problems we've had, I hope so. Especially the military families. SHAME ON YOU, GEICO, AND TRIPLE SHAME ON YOU, TRAVELERS. If Traveler's says they are a double A company, don't believe if. They are F minus.

Feb 23, 2013
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  •   Feb 23, 2013

    Geico is not in command of Traveler's. They partner together. You had ample time to read over the proposed policy before agreeeing to it, own up.

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