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we found this site through internet offering cheap flights to brisbane austrailia, when went to book flight the prices they advertised was not the price, anyway still was cheaper then others so we went ahead and booked reason we also booked with these was because they offered us a changeable ticket for 12 months, as my son is in austraila for a year, we spoke to one agent who then put us through to another a kevin parker, who assured us if we booked with them that we could have a changeable ticket at a price of £75 -£150. to change details we had to agreed a date so they could prelimery book 5 months then change this date, his date for return is 13 march 2013, we had to ring a month before to change this, so we rang 3 weeks ago, and since then we have been fobbed off and our emails unanswered, when we do get in touch they say will ring us back on such and such a date never comes, we sent email to complaint dwepartment no answer we also was given name tony as a manager of complaints, he also does not sort or reply to any corrispondance, we are now left in limbo, with flights we have payed for, and unable to get some sort of refund or later flight . we since been intouch with etihad and they say this company only gave a 6 month return .

Mar 01, 2013

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