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bit on a Vegas promotion to come out and hear all about a vacation package. Just for going and without any obligation we were offered several free gifts. One of the free gifts was a companion airline ticket. We did end up getting the other gifts but have been given the run around for the companion airline ticket. They have sent me to several people, several websites to fill out our information and even charged up a $25 processing fee for this ticket. After contacting them to let them know we never got our ticket (in the mail or via email) they told me INCENTIVE TRAVEL PLUS was booking our flights and would call us shortly. They NEVER called us and I've reached out to them several times from their website email address...they still haven't responded. Now the original people stopped returning my calls and are not responding. To this day we still don't have our ticket . i copied this message because it is exactly the same thing that happened to me

Travel Incentive Plus

May 3, 2017

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