Transunion / bate and switch

United States

I signed up and paid for what I thought was access to my credit score and report for one year through TransUnion. I was on the TransUnion "official" website when I gave all my information. I actually logged in several times through the TransUnion site. That was in December. Now a few months later when I log in, it doesn't show me the report or the score. I can see my account information and some contact information...but the number they give for support states it's TransUnion, but you are connected to True This is not who I chose to do business with. Now I can not find anyway to report this to TransUnion and True Credit will not honor the deal I made with TransUnion because when they look at their little computer screen, it shows I paid for my score only. I tried to explain it many times to them and they stood their ground by not giving me what I paid for. What I don't understand is why does TransUnion have so many advertisements and links to other things besides what you actually came to them for in the first place.


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