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Transportation and Translation Service / Non Paymennt

1 Laguna Beach, CA, United States

I received my check from RX Medco only to have it returned NSF by the bank. RX Medco sent me another check drawn on a different bank and I was unable to cash it as well. The supposed owner told me on the phone that "she has hundreds of drivers and they all go to the bank at the same time and this is why there is not enough money in the account"... this is not an exact quote but believe me, it is the gist of what she was saying... I am at wits end. I wonder if any drivers (or anyone for that matter) has ever been paid by these dishonest jerks. BTW. I had gotten the accountants cell phone number from a client and called her... I immediately received a call back from Barbara Wild (the supposed owner person I had called) who threatened me saying she was not going to pay my next check (they still owe me another check for $400 or so bucks...) if I called her employee's cell phone... mind you, this is the Person who does the accounting who does not return phone calls... also, it is not like I was calling her repeatedly/ harassing her... on the contrary... I had only called her once...


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