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Transport Network Mgmt / Bait & Switch/Damage of Belongings

1 12211 Deer Track LoopSpring Hill, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 727-459-2975

Anyone that knows Kelley, knows the story as she was so upset with the bait and switch tactics, the amount of damage done to her furniture and belongings by Transport Network Mgmt and Jefferson Quijano, 12211 Deer Track Loop, Spring Hill, FL 34610, PO Box 1057, New Port Richey, Fl [protected]/[protected]. Damage done to a $10, 000 bedroom set, watched them drop the headboard of the $4, 000 bedroom set, the sides torn off the $3, 000 pool table, The surface scratched off the $1700 oak dining table along with the finish ruined on the legs of the table from them using packing tape to hold them together. She could not believe that when she came back from throwing trash out that there were 4 boys sent by the moving company (2 in their 20's, no more than 135 pounds each along with 2- 17 year old boys trying to roll a 1000 pound pool table down her front entry on 4 pieces of 2x4 with wheels in each corner as their dolly. Luckily 4 of Kelley’s neighbors and friends were there to stop the pool table from falling over on the boys. The closing on the home Kelley was to move into did not take place in July as planned but instead in December and to no surprise more damage was found when the storage unit was unloaded and boxes unpacked. Kelley made the unprofessional dealings with Transport Network Mgmt and Jefferson Quijano aware to the whole Keller Williams office and everyone she knows so they too would not use this company. The office has had clients that have experienced the same bait and switch tactics. From what I recall, Kelley had already rented a U-Haul truck and had 6 professional athletes coming to move her furniture at a cost of $440 dollars, she was only going to have to pay for the truck, gas and some meals for these guys as a favor to her. The Thursday before the weekend she was to move she got onto the internet to get mover quotes. The first out of three movers to call was Jefferson and she told him she was moving "3727sf home, 5 bed/3 bath/3 car garage and a pool table that would need to be broken down and moved from Land O Lakes to Kissimmee" Jefferson quoted "$680". Kelley asked "how many storage spaces will I need so I can reserve space", Jefferson "2- 20x20 will do it." Kelley " Are you sure that’s enough space to hold all of it?" "Do you want to come out first and see everything we will be moving" Jefferson, "I've been doing this 13 years”. Then Kelley had two other movers call and they said with it being Thursday and moving on Saturday that they would not be able to make it out for the quote and for that size home they said they would not quote anything over the phone that they need to come in person and do an inventory then provide a price and said if some is quoting $680 over the phone make sure they don't hold your furniture hostage that is sounds like a bait and switch set up and to be careful. Even the man she reserved space with at the storage units told her she would more than likely need 3-20x20 units depending on how they unload the truck/s. The boys were neither experienced nor strong enough to pack the storage units correctly (resulting in more damage).Kelley called a friend in Kissimmee to help them unload. The movers were so far off on the size truck they brought that office furniture and other things had to be donated, plus drop off stuff at another location in Tampa just to be able to get the rest to Kissimmee in one trip and they had to get another truck!! IMPROPER PLANNING ON THE PART OF JEFFERSON. EVEN THE FOREMAN THAT SHOWED UP FOR THE JOB SAID HE NEVER QUOTES ANYTHING OVER THE PHONE IF IT’S LARGER THAN A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT AND SAID "IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME JEFFERSON HAS DONE THIS”. Once everything was unloaded the foreman hands Kelley a bill for $3264 a far cry from $680, a quote that was off by $2584 plus $18, 750 of furniture damaged along with many other breakable items from the boys throwing boxes into the storage units and improperly stacking breakable items. American Express calls Kelley to question attempted charges of $2414, $850 and $2000 and advised Kelley not to pay the movers and not contact them, that American Expresses legal department will handle it. American Express put it under dispute and attempted contact with Transport Network Mgmt and they did not respond so American Express issued credits and closed the investigation. Kelley was going to met with Jefferson in person but was sick and lost her voice for 3 days and had sent a couple of text messages for Jefferson plus had her son read a note to him telling him she would not be there for the meeting. Then after all the vulgar language and verbal abuse that Jefferson was using on the phone while Kelley’s voice was gone and could not respond because of the strain on the throat and the treatment toward the receptionist at Keller Williams she texted him to inform him that when she does meet with him it will be with a Sherriff present. Anyone that knows Kelley or has ever done business with her knows how she conducts herself and the statements Jefferson has made are not accurate. If someone gave you a quote of $680 then tried to charge you $3264 after damaging appx $20, 000 of your belongings that you worked hard for over the past 14 years what would you do? And then on top of that tries to slander your name and take from you again by trying to affect your business income. Does it seem fair that a representative of a company can first attempt to rip you off, and then damage the items you have worked hard for, and then try to slander your name and attempt to ruin your business? Again I ask what steps as a victimized customer would you take at this point?


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