Transport department / People Driving

1 Queensland, Australia

Why is it that people can't be taught how to drive properly? I see daily older people or even young scared people coming onto and departing a highway, not going the highway speed. You want to know why traffic jams occur? Because 1 person who is exiting decides to go 20 km/h slower while still on the exit. Then people behind need to slow to avoid hitting them and next thing you know tons of cars are going 20 km/h slower. From there cause and effect, others try to get into the faster lanes to avoid the slow lane but by doing so slow the other 2 or even 3 lanes! Why can't the Transport department give good regulations that the driving schools need to teach and even see in a student learner. If the teacher sees that the student is afraid to get going onto a highway, then maybe that student shouldn't be allowed to go onto P licence until fear is gone. Like wise while exiting the teacher should teach that you stay the speed limit until near the end of the exit, then hit harder on the brakes to go off. None of this slow down too 60 km/h on 100 km/h zone, 100 meters till exit, then turn off highway!

About older generations. If they are too afraid of highway speeds or can't see properly, Get Off The Road! You don't need to fear 100km/h, Your car can handle it, even in the wet. Just don't go tail gating people and follow the 2 second rule and you won't crash at those speeds! I can understand 120 or 140 like in other country's but common! 100 km/h on Aussie highways and even 80 km/h is nothing! Use your cruse control or buy a new car, you've lived your life, spend a little money on a new aged car that can handle 100km/h!

Anyway's just wanted to get that off my back and check out this website and it's responses. Thanks!

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