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Don't by any products from Monster Transmission&Performance. I just bought a transmission from them and had it installed. The transmission caught on fire and did not *** into certain gears.

When they got the bad transmission back the said nothing was wrong with. now they refuse to take care of the repair bill. This company screws you of your money and their product are junk.

I highly recommend you stay away from this company and the junk products they supply. Don't waste your money with these clowns.Monster Transmissions&Performance is a joke the people their don't care about there customers or their vehicles .

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  • Ks
      31st of May, 2010

    Scott Yaslow Home Telephone Number: (813) 681-9811 Scott Yaslow is married to: 'Carmen Santiago'
    Home Address: 14906 Heronglen DR.
    Lithia, Florida 33547-5887

    Just a little bit of personal information for some Business guy that keeps switching his Businesses like someone changes his underwear. This guy Scott Yaslow has at least 5 companies operating out of one address in Tampa, Florida. There is a web site anybody can go to and its local in Tampa Florida called 'Merchants Circle' which Scott Yaslow is trying to advertise these 'Bogus' Companies as 'Legitamite. But you can "Write A Review" about each of his companies on this local Web Site which some havea 5 Star rating as of right now because these people do not know wht a [censor] this Scott Yates is! the URL address is and search for the following Companies:
    1.) Value Transmission 2.)Best Deal Transmission Parts 3.)Wholesale Transmission Parts 4.)Tranz Parts 5.)Transmission Parts 6.)Get It Right Transmission And Parts 7.)J&S Transmission And Car Parts 8.)One Stop Transmission.

    This guy is out of control "Bunko Conman" which has not been likely been seen in a long time. If any one has any aditional Business names please add them to this list, one more thing I forgot to mention is that Scott Yaslow also has the Feds after him! Apparently Scott Yaslow "Screwed" the EPA out of alot Fines, SO 'Big Scotty' habitts of "Screwing the customer seems like he can not help himself with what he's doing because he thinks he GOD when he can "Screw" the Federal Goverment out of $10, 000.00 and get away with it! To me it sounds like he's doing some cocaine and is nin 'LALA Land!

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  • In
      9th of Jun, 2010

    Actually, I know this guy. His biggest problem is with the people he's hired and lack of organizational skills in himself and the people he hires (you get what you pay for, Scotty). He's knowledgable with what tranny fits what, but he isn't really technical. He thought that he had a "dyno tester" for the longest time until a new hire a year or two back told him otherwise. Now, he installs the transmissions in cars that he has on site and has someone drive them on the highway for 20-30 miles. Still not a great idea. Poor business practices, horrendous lack of organization, misplaced trust, but he's not a bad man. It's no excuse, but that's been my observation of him. I fix up cars and sell them as a side business, and have had a few transmissions burn out. And, yes, he's been a bit testy over the phone at times. However, since I am local to him I just bring my transmissions over and get them fixed or replaced. His prices really can't be beat.

    If he had someone who actually knew how to run a business just take over from him, things would be WAY different ...

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  • Le
      24th of Aug, 2010

    My car came out worst than when it when in they are to expensive and cant speak english good

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  • Fr
      9th of Nov, 2010

    scotts the best priced hard parts dealers in tampa. really reliable and trustworthy

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  • Au
      4th of Mar, 2011

    scott yaslow is a very honest and sincere business man. i have been doing business with him for many many years and never ever had a problem with him or anybody in his company. these false aquisations about him is not true. he is a family man of 4 children and a very nice business. he has lots of customers that always buy from him. scott yaslow is 5 stars in my book!

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  • Cl
      23rd of Nov, 2011
    transmission - holding funds
    clearbrook Transmission
    British Columbia

    I take visa or master card one day i cant settle on my machine till next day, what are they doing holding funds for interest, i dont trust them anymore, the fellow who hounded me to change no longer works for them, PS you want to hear more let me know.

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  • Er
      28th of May, 2013

    I have purchased a Volkswagen 01m Valve body from Scott Yaslow from Quality Transmission and parts in June 2012. After receiving the product, we immediately sent back the core and never received the $100 dollar core fee charged.. The valve body was received with one damaged solenoid. My transmission company here in Phoenix replaced that bad part. I have followed up 2 separate times both by phone and by email.. After 1 year, I still have not received the core charge back. Not only is he a hard person to reach, they avoid calls over there... Many excuses, and lack of timely responses. Now more Importantly.. The part he sold to me was sold with a 5 year replacement warranty.. After the valve body failed 9 months later, Scott said there was no warranty... I explained how I bought it with a 5 year warranty, He said the company was recently bought out and there is no such thing as a 5 year warranty. Scott then stated to send it in, to later say he did not know because the owner was not in to discuss it. Now I can not even reach him again. I have tried daily for 10 days... THIS GUY WILL NOT CHANGE>>>> I COULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANY COMPANY HE IS ASSOCIATED WITH, and any review that said he is an honest person, must be his personal friend or someone who works at his scam shop... STAY AWAY AND SUPPORT A COMPANY THAT YOU CAN TRUST!!!

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