TransitGlobalExpress.comscam online by a con man

I was approach online by a man saying he was from the US referring himself as Dr. Michael David Saint. He connect with me on Linked-in, which is a. He made up a story saying he lost his wife and looking for a partner to be loved again. I feel a little strange when this man said he love me after few emails exchange. He told me he went to London as his daughter had an acident then said that he brought me a few gift while he was there. He asked for my address, but I didn't give it to him initially. He then pleased with me to give him my address so he can send it before boarding a flight back to his work place in Iraq. I was on holiday so i gave him my holiday location address. He then send me the details of the contents a few days after that and they were all expensive things including 10000gbp. I told him that I do not want these item and asked him to give me his bank account so that I can deposit it back when I receive them.

A few days later, I receive the transit notice from Malysia KLIA saying there is a problem with the clearance of the package and asked me to send 5000 to clear it. I contacted him about it and he said that he tried to sort it out but was not able to make the transfer as he was in Iraq. He asked me to paid for it first. I decided to look online about globak transit services and found that there are other who had been through the same experience before.

I just want to share my experience. I wonder how many people have been scammed by this but have not reported it.

All the links and website was not accessable immediately after I told him that I know he was a scammer.

Dec 08, 2018

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