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1 550 S. Hill Street, Lobby 103Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (213)622-5877

Recently we were approached by Rima Hagopian ( sales rep) to switch our shipping service to transgardian. At the beginning their service sounded very good, cheaper rate capabilities to compare different carrier rates and easy to use software interface.<br />
<br />
After using the service for a while we had our first incident that required us to change a shipping address for a shipment that the customer requested and when we called UPS they told us that we are not able to do that because the account was a transgardian account, so we had to call transgardian customer service for this change but after many attempts trying to get hold of someone we ended up calling UPS for help because of transgardian unresponsive customer service. After a while we had our second incident, where we shipped a server that was packed with INSTAPACK foaming (UPS/FEDEX approved whipping material) and the server was damaged on the way to the customer. Luckily we had insurance on the item when we got the unit back and initiated a claim it took us about 2 weeks to get hold of someone at transgardian to respond back to us. Finally they told us that they will come and pickup the server, which they did. Few days passed we received a registered mail stating that the claim was declined because the server did not have any physical damage, where indeed the server suffered some dents and internal damage.<br />
<br />
Our final rip off incident that we had was when UPS picked up 3 packages from us and one package was lost. Based on UPS protocol they no more scan packages they either sign a manifest or scan an end of day. After few days our customer called and told us that they have not received their package, so we called transgardian and told them about the missing package, but once again we left a message to Madlene Moseley and there was no call back from her for a day so we once again had to call UPS and open a tracer case. After two weeks we found out that Madlene closed the case with UPS after UPS has approved the case, saying that “I think that the shipper did not ship the package”. Her doing this closed the case and we lost $700.00 of insurance value. I had to call transgardian and tried to get an explanation of what was going on and I told her that we have surveillance footage of the ups driver picking up 3 packages on that day, her response was that the video will not prove anything because that could be some other package, and she told me that their insurance company will only accept a claim if we have a signed shipping manifest (not a UPS END OF DAY which their software dose not create), luckily we had the manifest that the driver signs every day so we emailed her the manifest and snap shot of the video but still there is not response from them. What a rip off and unprofessional service.<br />
<br />
I wonder if transgardian actually buys insurance on the shipments that the customers pay. Overall experience rating is bad, they advertise themselves as a big operation but they lag proficiency in support. Don’t be fooled stick to what you have, we are back to our old provider world wide express, fair prices and super customer service.


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