Trans United Inc Miami FL / DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

Do not use this company!!! I found this company through 123 movers. I moved from Colorado to Alabama. I booked my move two months in advance, they asked for a deposit to book the date I paid the money through my credit card, they charged it twice. Then I had communication with this company up until our belongings left our site. It has been 30 days now and we still have not recieved our stuff. I have called this company over and over and no response. When I finally do get a person to talk to all they can say is we can't guarantee any date because things happen like a broken down truck or weather. If I try calling with my phone number I get no answer, if I use someone elses number they pick up right away. This company has the worst customer service. I think I have called this company at least 200 times in the last 20 days. The people that work for this company are rude and don't listen to you. I hope this helps someone in the future This company is a SCAM!!! PLEASE DO NOT USE TRANS UNITED INC OUT OF FLORIDA.

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