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Thirty days ago I was hired by a seller to list and market their short payoff house. I was told SLS was the lender's intermediary. I sent all of the listing paperwork to SLS (both in an email attachment and hard mail), and ten days later, sent them a fully executed cash purchase offer $5, 000 OVER the BPO and adjusted my commission down via a new HUD-1.
SLS has had this full cash offer for 25 days and won't move it onto their next level (which they say is this: agent review, supervisor review, Director review, VP review and THEN to the lender!). Their staff appears to spend the majority of the time dodging my calls, emails and questions.
To complicate matters: There is NO written procedure for real estate brokers to submit paperwork--I just sent over standard forms and they held up everything because of it. SLS refuses to acknowledge emails (they refuse to send an e-receipt of confirmation). Everything is "verbal" with their agents.
My poor client's (and myself) are at our wits end. I call them every day and then get put on hold for 20-40 minutes each time. When I ask the status of the account, they spend another 20 minutes "looking it up" and just giving all parties the total run-around.
Unfortunately, the next step might be going to the media in Colorado and the Attorney Generals Office to get this resolved. If this isn't wrapped up in the next month, I guess it will be time to tell the world about this issue. Any other Brokers or Agents out there having the same problem? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone with this company. CAll me if you have any advice a [protected].

Apr 17, 2013

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