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I and a friend went intokmart. We had five items. We went intothe least amount of customers in a cashier lane. Remind you it was one customer ahead of us. We were in line for fifteen minutes for that customer. When it came to us the cashier over charged us for a improper scan. (Twice) The cahier then did not know how to void the item and give the item free to us. They have a sign if item is scanned and comes up wrong and is over three dollars the item is sold as three dollars. ?The item scanned wrong is under thre dollars is free. Both items were 1 dollar. The cashier had to get the manger because she could not get the items changed to free. Remember I was in line already for fifteen minutes. Thetime is another twenty minutes and We were not done. The manager came finally. It took him ten minutes to train the cashier and another ten minutes to correct the purchase as free. Then he had to write up a gift card for two dollars. The total time in the cashier line was fourty minutes. I deserve the 2500 dollar gift card because I was later for my job and got yelled at by my boss. I lost a hour worth of work and was laughed at by my co-workers. I believe kmart owes me and my friend the card to make sure we can get in and out of heir cashier lines quicker!

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