Trafford Centre Manchesterchronomat 2018

Evening, regarding a 2018 chronomat watch, I purchased it at the end of April. I've probably worn it a handful of times, all of a sudden it stopped working, It wouldn't wind or take charge, on the 29th June 2018.
I took it back the the breitling store in the Trafford Centre Manchester and they reassured to me I would have it back in full working order within 3 weeks, I have proof of this on a receipt. After many phone calls and conversations I was told Tuesday 24th would be the date it would be released from the servicing department in London and then shipped back over to me... I'm now on Friday the 29th of July and have been told it's going to be another two weeks until I see the watch. To me this is not acceptable and after paying £6500 for a time piece it should not need a full service after just over a months worth of ownership, it's a product not fit for purpose, and as a customers I'm pretty much sure I should be getting a new time piece instead of given false information and strung along. Customer care is shocking.

Jul 27, 2018

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