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COMPANY HAS MANY NAMES: STATEMENT MODELS, INDY MODELS, TRADESHOW HOSTESSES -- He keeps changing the names because of how many people he burns!

Worked for this company in January and was promised pay within 30 - 45 days after the show. All clients prepay for the event so there is no excuse why it would take that long to pay anyways. I was never paid for the Tradeshow and was on time every day and the client loved me. I even contacted the client to find out if there had been a problem with payment- they said no and proceeded to pressure this "Allen" character themselves. He was very rude to them telling them to "mind their own business" etc. He also tried to tell me that he doesn't have to pay me now that I talked to the client, even though it says that NO WHERE in the contract. Anyways, all the company numbers are disconnected and he no longer accepts emails from my email address. Guy is a complete scammer and VERY unprofessional. From his demenor to his tactics, don't believe a word he says. He has had to change the company name 4 TIMES in the last couple years.. DO NOT ACCEPT WORK FROM ANY OF HIS COMPANIES:

The guy claims he has one of the biggest staffing companies yet he almost never pays his models on time or EVER which is why you will find NO CONTACT NUMBERS on any of his sites. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS LIKE I DID. I have tried to contact him several times with no results so now that the 45 days has passed I will continue with legal action. If anyone else has been scammed please contact me as well if you would like to be apart of the lawsuit.

Mar 04, 2013
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  • Sn
      Jun 06, 2013

    I, too, was scammed by this company! I worked the SHOT SHOW in January 2013 and have yet to be paid. I have a lawyer filing a judgement against "Allen's" company as we speak. The first time my lawyer contacted him, "Erin" responded saying that I would have a check in the next batch (which was about a month ago), but of course nothing ever came. I have many corresponding emails between myself and Allen throughout Feb 2013 - April 2013...All of which he uses VERY unprofessional language and the most RIDICULOUS reasons why he won't pay (or should I say can't?). It is clear this guy just books as many models as he can, and then dashes with the money. He is unable to pay majority of his models. He is not a business man with a legit company, but a scam artist who wont even post his companies contact number on his website because of the amount of people he has scammed. Also, I obtained his companies registered address and had a friend in Indiana go to the location to check it was bogus, the place was just a Cross Fit gym and has been for years! BEWARE!!!

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  • Ti
      Jun 11, 2013

    Hey Snowybee! Can you pls contact me?? I gave you my email address in the msg I sent you via this board.

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  • Ha
      Jun 27, 2013

    Roger Allen Knauer preys on established as well as aspiring promotional models that work in the tradeshow industry by repeatedly changing the names of his so called 'agencies' and even by creating aliases. He has recently disguised himself as a woman by the name of Erin Darlange.

    Erin Darlange aka Roger Allen Knauer from Indianapolis hired around 15 models in San Franciso, CA to work an event from March 25th- 27th. We all worked long days and had to get there on 7 am the first day and 8:30 am the following two days. Most of the models received great feedback from the client and attendees. Erin Darlange aka Roger Allen Knauer was kind enough to check in with us every day of the show to make sure we were all set for the next day (needless to say he didn't want to look bad to the client). Before the tradeshow we even received numerous emails regarding dress code, conduct etc and Erin Darlange aka Roger Allen Knauer was very responsive before and during the show (to his benefit of course).

    After the show ended and all our hard work was finally done with only 45 minute lunch breaks per day (most of the models had work days of well over 8 hours and were standing on their feet the whole day) we were quite tired and happy that Erin Darlange was willing to pay us $100 as soon as the show was over to cover transportation as parking and the subway can really add up in SF. Of course this never happened! Throughout the following months we kept getting emails saying that we would be paid of that half of us would be paid and the rest of us would not be forgotten about we quickly realized that Erin Darlange was not being honest with us.

    Roger Allen Knauer aka Erin Darlange is not responding to emails from most of the models and has no doubt already received the money from the client and works as a professional scam artist in Indianapolis, IN.

    He has stolen money from hard working models across the nation and does not have a legitimate business. I advise all models to research every company they work for before they agree to work. You never know what Roger Allen Knauer will change is 'business name' to next! He is counting on the models not taking the matter to authorities so you must do everything you can to ensure you will be paid! Do not let this individual take advantage of your hard work!

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  • Ti
      Jul 03, 2013

    I can attest to what "HardWorkingModel" posted - We worked 3 days on our feet at the San Francisco event and never received payment per our contract. It's happened to so many models across the country, it's ridiculous. Any positive reviews or rebuttals are absolute lies. Roger Knauer creates multiple aliases, and will sometimes post under the name "Jessica" to say "she" was in fact paid for an event. It's crap and Roger deserves to be in jail.

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  • Le
      Jul 11, 2013

    Allen or Erin has not pay me till this time. last time Erin/Allen said was check is coming out next week, BS nothing has come yet, unless he purposely wrote the wrong address, like he has done so I wouldn't get my check. Is time to stop this man, he is been in business since 2007 and has scammed so many girls. We work so hard thinking we have a check on our way and then we realized nothing is coming because nobody has done anything to stop him. This man is a JK. But Karma is a B**ch and when it hits it hits hard.

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  • Ha
      Jul 12, 2013

    LeaO I am sorry that you have to deal with Allen or Erin. His real name is Roger Allen Knauer of Indianapolis. In which city did you work and what was the job? I too have been affected by Roger and would like to gather as much information as possible.

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  • Ti
      Jul 18, 2013

    Below is, word for word, an email that was sent this morning from "Erin" to the 15 SF women who have not received compensation for their work in March per their contract.

    The main reason I am posting this is to point out that he has threatened to withhold the pay of those who speak out against him for not giving us the compensation we are legally owed. To withhold pay for speaking out truthfully about an employer's illegal activity is in violation of federal and state anti-retaliation laws.

    I won't even go into the other parts of the email - the requests for us to tattle on each other, the threat of suing people to whom he owes money, asking us to post apologies when we he's the one that should be apologizing for not paying us etc. as all of that seems to speak for itself.

    Here's the full text of the email:

    If you are receiving this email, you are still in the queue to be paid. However, there are apparently some number of you who are posting defamatory info on Internet websites and spreading gossip. There are a handful of former contractors, who did not perform as agreed, who are now trying to stir trouble and include you in it.

    For those of you who have participated in this, we strongly urge you to go to any website where you have posted content and delete it immediately. If you cannot delete it, you need to post an apology and post that you will not post defamatory info again. The agency will identify you and will litigate against you for any defamatory conduct in which you have engaged. Spreading defamatory content on the Net is not a good way to get what you want. These checks will be coming for those who have not done something to cancel their compensation. If you just wait, it will show up! If your address has changed, please be sure to email the new one to us. When these do mail, we want to avoid having them returned and have to send them out again.

    For those of you who have not participated in such conduct, the effort to identify those involved is causing a delay for everyone. If you know who is doing these things, I suggest you contact them and request they do as I have noted above. Some of you have shared info with us that has been sent to you. I assure all that anything you provide to us will be strictly confidential; no one will ever know you sent it.

    The agency works about 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting compensation out the door is always the #1 priority and will remain so. These checks will be sent to you if you don't engage in conduct that violated the terms of the agency agreement you signed. I hope all of you will avoid posting any further defamatory content on the Net. The agency WILL litigate against you for damages if it does not stop. The time it is taking to research who is involved is slowing down everything for everyone. If getting a check is truly what you want, I suggest you avoid becoming involved in things like this. It's up to you.

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  • Ta
      Jul 25, 2013

    I actually worked for Allen Roger Knauer Longstreet back in 2007 for the Fit Expo for an agency using the name 1stPlaceModels and also had to chase my payment. I did a fantastic job (as said by the client) and was finally paid after 83 days, but I would never recommend this agency to staff an event and/or to sign up with this agency as a model. He also now has several other employees or aliases including Erin Darlage, Monica Robertson, and April Bianchi (aka 1stplacemodels [website taken down], Statement Models []. Indy Models [], and the newest is Tradeshow Hostesses: []. Please Google the various reviews for the associated companies before choosing to do business with them.

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