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1 CA, United States
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In December 2008, I contacted and asked how long it would take them to post tradelines. I was told that if I overnighted 50% of the fee, it would get in before the holidays and would post the first week of January. They never contacted me about it so I called on January 7th. I was informed that they didn't know whether they posted and to call back the next day.

When I phoned, they said that they hadn't posted but they would post soon. At this point I requested a refund. The agent said that he would have to get the money back from the tradeline people before he could issue a refund! I then said to him, if this is a scam just tell me now so I can save the time. He assured me that it wasn't a scam. I then asked him if the lines weren't posted by Friday Jan. 16, will you give me your word that you'll refund the money? He did so.

Friday rolls around and it's more of the same BS. Obviously, his word meant nothing. He DID say that he had good news. He was told by the tradeline people that the lines were downloaded the previous evening and they would post in 72 hours. I told him that this would be my final deadline. According to this time frame, the lines would appear on my report Sunday night. Monday was a holiday so I called Tuesday, approximately 108 hours after they were supposedly downloaded. Incredibly, he had even more excuses and lies. I then congratulated him for successfully stealing my money.

Both and are owned by David Lingel (Mass Adventage Inc.). I encourage anybody else who has had money stolen by these thieves to post their complaints and do what I'm going to do next week…

…phone the CA attorney general's office to investigate them.


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