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I invested $500 a guy call mohan called me after that i was trading and made some losses the senior cheating manger told me to invest more amount where he will recover my losses i redeposited $600 and made around like $2500 in my own trading where the company showed there real face that i should complete so many trading volume so i can withdraw my profits and in account there shouldn't be a single trade open when widhraw the money i have deal with so many brokers and i found this broker is un regulated broker and the company is ruining for past 216 days . The senior account Manager Adarash Kapoor gave me some trading tips witch made my account went on total loss,

Please don't invest in this broker since there are a scam broker, please see the link below so you will understand

  • TradeFTM Customer Care's Response, Mar 30, 2017

    Hi Nitnagarwal9,

    Thanks a lot for your review, but we wonder how you have generated a baseless story about TradeFTM. Since you are not holding an account with us, we are not obliged to consider your review as a factual one.We have checked with our system it doesn't matching with any information which you given above.Moreover we checked the IP location details of following user(Nitnagarwal9) not matching with country you mentioned.

    TradeFTM would like to make it absolutely clear that we have at no time received for fake & manipulated reviews and we TradeFTM values review sites where clients may genuinely share their experiences for the benefit of others. Our company is one of high integrity that is dedicated to providing clients with the best trading conditions and customer service. We strive to maintain high standards and any suggestions of failure to meet those standards receives full investigation and remedy.

    We request this forum to check on this and take necessary action required. (IP investigation reports and screenshots attached)

    TradeFTM support Team

    Invested $1100 lost my full money
    Invested $1100 lost my full money
    Invested $1100 lost my full money
  • Updated by nitnagarwal9, Apr 03, 2017

    Hi TradeFTM Customer

    I also don't have time to waste on your scam broker where i have invested my money in a new firm and I'm recovering the loss i met in your broker, And if you guys genuine why you guys hide your details like this. complaints board you can check the both IP where these guys belongs to .

Mar 08, 2017

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