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In September last year I purchased 3 items of clothing online from When they finally arrived, all 3 items had some defect in some way or form. After 6 emails and various Facebook postings, I got no replies for my request to send the items back for their 100% money back guarantee. I resorted to and posted a negative report, only then I got a reply from Trade Guy. They then said my review was unfair but they would still refund me. In November they said the refund had been processed, they lied, it never had. From November to February I was emailing to get an update, never got a reply. Second negative review, I then get a reply. Now saying my reason for return wasn't warranted but would still process refund if I removed the negative review. 7 months down the line, now they are claiming the clothing was worn and my refund is hence null and void. The levels that this company has stooped to to not have to refund a customer are shameful. I was entitled to post a negative review as they don't respond to emails, Facebook posting or messages. They now have their clothing back, and my money and I sit empty handed. Total disgrace of a company. I would never advise purchasing from this website.

Mar 07, 2016
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  • Tr
      Mar 08, 2016

    Hi Nic, you're doing this all over the net, we will not be blackmailed. Facebook limited your account to prevent you visiting our page after complaints from fans. HelloPeter removed 2 reviews for breach of rules? We were happy to refund you if you'd stopped slandering us, but you wrote more. Then we noticed the returned clothes had been worn and still smell of Lynx body spray! We can't accept them and see no defects. We will return them if you arrange a courier, or arrange storage in your name.

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  • Ni
      Mar 10, 2016

    Please explain to me how this is blackmail from my side from what I have said in the previous report??

    Blackmail is YOU not refunding ME until I remove the negative review. Thats Blackmail.

    My Facebook was NEVER limited/blocked/Suspended, so stop lying about that as well. I received NO notifications from Facebook Admin, so that story doesn't float.

    As for the assumption that I wore the clothing because you can smell Lynx body spray on it? Seriously, is that your argument? After 7 months now you say there was deodorant on the clothing. Had this been the issue you had right from the beginning, we probably wouldn't be here right now. First of all, I don't wear that brand. Second, every single person who has ever tried on your clothing and sent it back for a refund and left a scent residue on the clothing should also then be refused a refund as the clothing is worn. So that creative little comment again holds no credibility.

    The one item had an uneven hem, it looked bad, thats poor craftsmanship, hardly a result of being worn.

    Second item, lose threads on multiple locations, and woven pull ties coming undone, as they weren't finished off properly, again, poor craftsmanship, hardly a result of being worn

    3rd item, perfect rectangular fault in the fabric down the left side of the item, poor quality fabric, and craftsmanship, and non existent quality control, again, hardly a result of being worn.

    Yet you are now saying there were no flaws found. You lie. Thankfully I can now add pics on these reports so everyone can see what liars you are, trying to cover up the cheap craftsmanship of these items.

    And I would love to know who all these companies are that I have "issues" with, PLEASE inform me of them, because this is definitely news to me. And you are hardly a legitimate professional company. YOU blackmail. YOU lie. YOU keep playing the victim. YOU still havent replied to the email I send in February. And funny how the only time I get to have any sort of response from you is on these poor review websites, as you don't even have the professionalism to reply to customer emails. I find it very hard to believe that 1 negative review could be so damning for your self proclaimed amazing international company.

    The items you sent me were of very poor quality, and you have the audacity to now blame me for this.

    Like I said, the excuses you are coming up with are seriously bottom of the barrel excuses, very unprofessional for such a "legitimate" company, and quite honestly childish.

    It all goes back to your lack of customer services and the poor, cheap and faulty clothing that I had every right to ask for a refund for. But no, YOU have dragged it out for 7 months.

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  • Tr
      Mar 13, 2016

    Updated following your second essay. By blackmail we refer to your threats to write artistic reviews all over the internet if we did not refund you. We refused for the reasons we gave above. Hence, you have left inventive reviews all over the internet, especially when HelloPeter delete what you have written because it breaks their rules and Facebook stopped you in your tracks. We are impressed with your photoshop skills because that is not the product we either sent or received back, but unimpressed by your fiction. People will judge the posts all over the internet by one customer for what it is.

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  • Mi
      Mar 13, 2016

    Seems to me this is a vendetta. Read about it on VIP Vibe. Guy paid $13 in a sale each, used em and sent em back. I got xclass hoodie and cord has metal clip on the end, but I paid $46 all in, an I got ordinary hoodie with fray cord = the style, and ain't no different for the pic. This guys an a**hole

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  • Dm
      Mar 13, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    This dude is trying to scam trade guy. bloddy obvious. Ive had three orders of them and never had a problem other than a little wait before christmas. NicZA needs to get himself a girlfriend.

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  • Ni
      Mar 15, 2016

    You cannot be serious to think or have the audacity to say that those pics are photoshopped. Please, get real. Anyone with eyes can see they have not been touched up in any way what so ever. And you know very well that those are the original pictures that were emailed to you in my very first email requesting a refund for the poor quality cheap clothing. So how dare you now change your story, YET again. Nothing you have reported is concrete in anyway what so ever.

    I include a screen capture of my order dated 29 August 2015. That shows exactly what I ordered. When you click on the items it takes you to the respective items page for ordering. So you will notice that the Swag Swagger is exactly the same as I ordered, except mine had the fabric flaw.

    Click on the Maverick item and again, bottom left corner, light grey with green trimming, lovely straight hem and non unwinding woven pulls, as your picture on your website depicts, mine certainly did not arrive looking like the one advertised. So I suggest you get your records straight, and get your facts straight too. Clearly I am doing a better job of tracking my order and returns better than you are.

    Stop focusing on Hellopeter. Stop focusing on Facebook, as neither had any repercussions on me. YOU simply removed the comments I posted on your page as a failed attempt to get you to reply to my emails.

    I cannot believe that you are now claiming as well that the pics are not of the clothing I ordered and second that it is not what I sent back for a refund. You truly are unbelievable. But actually it doesn't surprise me that you have the incorrect items that apparently had "no faults" associated with my complaints. If your disgusting customer services and the cheap, low quality of your clothing and none existent quality control is anything to go by, your admin skills are clearly just as flawed as the rest of your argument.

    This has gone beyond the refund now. You have continuously changed your story, lied, covered up, passed the blame, tried to make me look like the bad guy here and I'm sick of it. By doing this you have in fact shown yourself for the rotten company that you are. You never replied to my email from February, I gave you 2 weeks to respond. You didn't. So it AGAIN is YOUR fault the negative posts keep appearing. How you can actually post replies like this, make you look like the fools. As I have been able to back everything up with proof. You just come back with excuse after excuse. Job well done Trade Guy.

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  • Ch
      Mar 17, 2016

    All trade guy would have to do is refund theone to stop this. If a simple refund is too much for them or breaks their bank them let them die now. The fact that anyone who owns a successful company will spend the time to argue over multiple sites vs a refund which they can write off tells you it is someone working out of grandma's basement and not a reputable company you wish to do business with.

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  • Da
      Mar 28, 2016

    Hardworking NZ business under vitriolic attack

    This is the SECOND site I have seen with this attack. I’ve enclosed a snapshot of how NicZA responds to silence other people’s opinions whilst loudly shouting his own.

    Like others I have bought clothes from Trade Guy, and I have been happy enough to buy regularly. I am also a NZer and have met a couple of the team at their office in Wellington.

    This isn’t a review. Others have said it’s inaccurate from the get go - no 100% guarantee is advertised. No terms and conditions are broken.

    Either way a lot of things have been said about Trade Guy that suggest there is a defamation case to answer here should Trade Guy ever choose that option.

    Disturbingly, the reviewer not only attacks Trade Guy but other customers (MarkR from the US) with the same acidic vitriol. Who tells someone to “sit in your little corner and be quiet, the adults are busy here” ?

    If the photos turn out to be photoshopped then NicZA moves into realm of despicable rather than just horrible.

    In this day and age we live in a world where internet reviews are common and that is a good thing. This review stands out as being a gnarled and nasty attack by someone either bitter at not getting away with it. Or is this just a steam blow for his inadequacies, or being bullied in life?(NicZA repeats that over and over, but I see no evidence of it from Trade Guy). Maybe an inflated sense of self entitlement who knows.

    There is no doubt at all that people will see thru it. It’s too heavy, too brutal, it’s not balanced in any way. Even those in doubt are likely to see it for what it is by a cursory glance at other reviews spanning years thanks to google.

    As consumers we expect the right to have an opinion. The trick is to have your opinion respected. For that you need to not exaggerate, be credible and not be so totally at odds with general opinion. Shooting down perfectly reasonable points raised by others such as MarkR dilutes the validity of anything NicZA have to say.

    I have met Ed and Oscar. I know they are hardworking and their business that started in 2014 has created jobs, profits and taxes and has grown because of customer loyalty. The last time I looked these guys have over 330, 000 likes on Facebook. They have a lively member forum and have been nothing other than pleasant. I sincerely hope that the actions of the NicZA does nothing to dull any of that, or the spark that led to their endeavours.

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