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We have been TSC customers for 20 years since 1990. We have spent over $100, 000.00 in TSC stores around the country. Our experience over 20 years with TSC has been excellent, so what happened to us in the North Canton Ohio store was a terrible shock. This store is a very bad store, run by a violent psychotic store manager, and rude incompetent store personnel. You get a bad feeling going into the store in that the store is staffed by unfriendly, rude, and incompetent clerks. They do not know anything about their stock by description, the idiots at this store can only look up something by some long obscure sku numbers. Despite their bad treatment of good customers of 20 years we have purchased several hundred dollars of equipment and veterinary supplies from this store.

We have attempted to purchase a $1000.00 plus air compressor from this store on two separate occasions. On both occasions they refused to sell these rather expensive air compressors to us. In July 2009 after purchasing several hundred dollars of equipment, we decided to cancel a layaway in accordance with store policy and move the money from the cancelled layaway to purchase the air compressor on a new layaway. We were told that the money in the store cannot be switched to a new layaway and that we would have to have the money credited back to our Visa. The air compressor was on sale and the sale would end in 2 days. The credit would take a week to post to the account. The manager told us we would have to pay a much higher price for the compressor. We called the corporate office and they told us that the store was wrong, the money was to be put on a store credit, gift card, and the layaway could be done immediately. However, the rude, incompetent store manager had refused and credited our Visa in defiance of our instructions and TSC company policy. When we attempted to purchase the air compressor later that week, the store manager refused to sell us the air compressor at the sale price, in violation of TSC company policy.

In September 2010, we decided to try and purchase the air compressor again. We went into the store and looked at the air compressor model we needed. The irate and rude store manager showed us an ugly, scratched, beat up, used compressor, and said we had to buy this piece of junk. The price was $100.00 less than a brand new compressor. I said that I wanted a brand new compressor and was willing to pay the extra $100.00. The store manager became immediately hostile and told me that I would have to buy this piece of junk because she did not want to have a new one on her inventory. I said this compressor was only worth less than 50% as a used item. At this point the hostile store manager refused to sell us a new compressor.

We called the corporate offices and asked to speak to the president of TSC, because after the complaint against this store a year before nothing had been done to correct this bad store. Jim Wright returned our call and was shocked to hear of our horrible experience at the North Canton Ohio store. He promised us he would discipline that manager, straighten out that bad store and order us a brand new compressor. It would take some time to order and deliver the compressor to that store and asked for patience on our part. We were very patient and went in on December 3, 2010 to purchase the air compressor. John Gardener assistant to Jim Wright called to tell us that the air compressor would be held until 5 p.m. on December 3. I said that we had been patient over two months and why were we being given the “bums rush” to be at the store by 5 p.m.? Anyway, we accepted the mandate and drove 25 miles through Friday rush hour traffic to be there by 5 p.m. Unfortunately we were caught in a traffic jam, and called ahead at 4:26 p.m. from our cell phone and spoke to a store associate who said that it was fine if we were a little late. We then called again at 5:32 to say that we would be there by 6 p.m. without fail, again the store associate said it was fine.

Upon arrival I was accosted by an angry, hostile, and psychotic store manager. I asked to see the compressor which was supposed to be in the back store room with our name on it. She angrily said it was out on the floor and that we could not buy the compressor. I reminded her that this compressor was ordered by Jim Wright president of TSC and that it was to be set aside in the store room until 5 p.m. She then lied and said that we never called to say that we were running behind schedule due to the traffic jam. The store manager then had a large guy stand directly behind me as if to assault me. She then launched into a verbal abuse tirade in front of the other customers in the store. The customers were shocked at her screaming at a customer that wanted to buy a $1, 000.00 air compressor. She threw me out of the store, yelling and screaming at me as I calmly walked out.

Since it was Friday evening neither Jim Wright nor John Gardener were available. I left voice mails describing the horrible treatment that I had received in that store, and reminded them that they promised me to discipline or fire anyone that was in violation of TSC customer policy. I then said that I still needed the compressor and would purchase the compressor from TSC if they would either fire or discipline that violent store manager.

On Monday December 6, I received an angry call from Jim Wright who said he approved of the verbal assault by the manager and refused to sell us the air compressor. No air compressor, no discipline or re-staffing of the worst store in the TSC system, no compensation for our time and travel on both 2009 and 2010 occasions, no apology given for the CRIMINAL VERBAL ASSAULT by the store manager, and a heinous violation of Christian values of the Christmas Season.


Post script: in an attempt to usurp the criminal response by Jim Wrong, I contacted the TSC Board of Directors, the web address is,

Their motto is “WE BELIEVE IN ETHICS” which is total hypocrisy. Tractor Supply Company is a criminal organization that supports verbal assault of their customers.

John Sions II

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      20th of Jan, 2014
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    My name is Brenda Kinnaird from McMinnville, Tn. My compliant is, your men that work in the McMinnville, Tn. store, really need to learn customer service! I'm a widow, and I wanted to buy the wood bench and the wood rocking. I had three men standing in a circle, and one of the younger men finally ask if I needed some help. A man name Michael did not care weather he helped me or not.. That's the way he made me feel! If it had not been for a young lady, name Heather Lavoy, , I would have walked out, and took my business elsewhere. I did make the purchase and spent 175.00 on Saturday, the 18th of Jan. 2014. Me and another lady went back to pick up the furniture, on Jan.19, 2014, and they were gracious enough to load it in the truck. SURPRISE!! We had brought a rope to tie it down. One of men, says " YOU GOT THIS?" Went back in the store. How RUDE! If the company wants to move product, the men need to go to learn manners on customer service. This is the worst I have ever had to deal with. I will be going somewhere else, before I go to Tractor Supply Company in the future! The wood rocking chair has large splits in the wood. not HAPPY!!!

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