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TR Realty / The TR Team / We continue to argue with them and we have no desire to leave the deposit to these guys.

1 1820 E Sahara Ave #101, Las Vegas, NV 89104 United States Review updated:
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We have rented a house through TR Realty and it was dirty and in awful condition. We tried to get help from this company, but they said that we were responsible for this property now. We have lived there 2 months, but we failed to make it cleaner or fix any problems. We decided to move out, but the company decided not to return our deposit and repair the property. Seriously?

Jan 10, 2016
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  • Da
      24th of Jan, 2016
    Best Best Advice +67 Votes

    It's obvious they are hiding something both TR Realty associates and Allan Lovinger.
    You can see when you search them there is a legal request to Google blocking information.
    What are they hiding besides unethical business practices and negative reviews?
    Realtors, brokers, buyers and sellers and renters be wary of them, petty theft, litigation, double escrows, substandard performance, who needs problems?

  • Ie
      14th of Jan, 2017
    -14 Votes

    @DaveSmart lovinger0151 A court proceeding has been initiated to seek the identity of this author. The case number is A-16-737551-C, District Court, Clark County Nevada. This notice unique ID number

  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2016
    +60 Votes

    My lease agreement said no dogs. TR Realty allowed tenants to get dogs. They ruined the garage fire door by putting a dog door in the rated fire door between the house and the garage. I have read about disasters with TR repair crews standing on countertops and busting holes to find leaks. I haven't decided what to do probably just move on but felt I was obligated to warn others TR Realty is unethical and lazy.

  • Ji
      15th of Feb, 2016
    +55 Votes

    It is all absurd, everyone knows people in sales are horrible people. Like car salesmen?
    Property managers are just preconceived to be low life as well because it is true property managers are unsavory.
    Realtors OMG come on of course they are salespeople and known backstabbers, bottom feeding, they get trained on specifically how to get more money out of transactions to fill the brokers bank account.
    Sales people love the rush they get when they get their prey to sign a deal, like selling a soul to the devil.

  • Br
      22nd of Mar, 2016
    +43 Votes

    Reputation management and suppression of reviews.

  • Pi
      6th of Apr, 2016
    +40 Votes

    NAMBLA Allan Lovinger criminal sanctuary

  • Jo
      13th of Apr, 2016
    +41 Votes

    If you are going to do business with TR Realty or associates ask for their insurance up front, as soon as you do that they will tell you they don't operate that way, that is when you tell them you don't engage in very serious contracts and business transactions involving your property or assets without having all parties involved provide their insurance policies, it is a good practice knowing even for auto repair, contractors, any business should be willing to provide it, if not move away from them.

  • Or
      16th of Apr, 2016
    +37 Votes

    Yuan Liu is an associate of TR REALTY along with Allan Lovinger, they are managed by broker Bradford Roberts.
    Stay informed and make thoughtful decisions.

  • Ol
      22nd of Jul, 2016
    +25 Votes

    As a peer and colleague working directly with Allan Lovinger I am able to say he can do the job, but do it very good with true customer satisfaction, that is plain and simple not true or possible. No one is infallible and especially him he is definitely a strange person with weird inner workings I won't even invest a second of my time trying to figure out. My advice is watch yourself closely around him, doubt means don't. If you don't have to work with him don't make it so you do, choose someone else.

  • Ed
      16th of Oct, 2016
    +19 Votes

    Allan Lovinger got me terrible tenants, Hilda Wong and Rodelio Lopez and they trashed my house whereas Allan and his boss Bradford Roberts did nothing to protect me. Instead they both did nothing and returned my house to me with water damages and trashed, thankfully my own insurance covered some damages, but Allan and TR REALTY caused the damages and should have paid for it. My insurance company decided not to pursue them.

  • Eh
      27th of Nov, 2016
    +17 Votes

    Looks like a typical realtor ### that has been doing a crappy job since he started that should be put in prison.
    Hopefully he gets in a car accident and dies soon. It is clear he is disliked at work and is a selfish "a" hole. Do us all a favor and poison yourself. Us professionals despise you and how you make the industry look bad.

  • Ie
      14th of Jan, 2017
    -16 Votes

    None of this is true

  • Us
      26th of Jan, 2017
    +11 Votes

    I am just applied to rent a house through this company,
    Ever since the begining Yaun Liu has done everything she can and her broker to soak as much money out of us as possible. Just yesterday i caught Yaun Liu lying to the home owner about our rental application which then it turned made the home owner "nervous" no big deal for Yuan Liu & company they can now ask for double secuirty deposit and new stipulations after application fees have been paid..
    No phone calls answered
    No return calls
    Short emails with broken English.

    Stay far away from doing business with this place

  • Us
      26th of Jan, 2017
    +13 Votes

    My messages keep getting deleted

    More scams from TR Realty

    Stay Far Away!!!

  • Le
      21st of May, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Allan Lovinger is no good.
    We were in process with him relocating from Texas being a reassigned military family to secure housing in North Las Vegas fully cooperative with him, thankfully we got away he is a tool.


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