ToyTec LiftsDefective automotive parts

Under the Colorado Motor Vehicle Repair Act, there are penalties for deceptive and unfair practices. This Act is enforced by the various District Attorneys throughout Colorado.


No repairs may be performed without written consent of the customer. Garage must give the customer a written or oral estimate of cost of repair and completion date. Customer may waive his rights in certain instances Mechanic must return replaced parts. Exemption: Antique motor vehicles. All repairs done must be recorded on an invoice that must be given to the customer.

Invoices must be retained for at least 3 years. The invoice must include: 1. Name & address of customer. 2. Year, make, odometer reading, license # and date vehicle was brought in for repairs. 3.Amount charged for labor and name of mechanic. 4. A statement (itemized) of ALL charges.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Glenn, CO

The Federal Trade Commission is the complaint center when ordering parts over the phone and/or internet.

If anyone wishes to file a complaint against TOYTEC LIFTS that will be available to the general public, they may do so with (ALL) of the links below:
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As ToyTec did provide after market parts, they appeared to fit improperly on the vehicle as to potentially contact with other components. This incorrect fit may lead to inadvertent component contact and failure resulting in injury and/or death of vehicle occupants.

Furthermore, it is strongly believed that ToyTec has violated Federal and State laws by making a fraudulent insurance claim to recoup shipping costs and has failed to provide a full refund to the customer.

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