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We have been a loyal co sumer of the local Toyota dealer for 7+ years.

We have a leased carolla with 19k miles. I had a sudden job change and now drive high miles. When I went in to inquire what my option were, this is what I was told.

1. Keep the car until the lease ends kn 13 months
2. Turn the car in and pay the lease for the next 13 months.

They wouldnt even look at the car or try to give me other options. I told the sales lady that "upon signing this lease almost 2 years ago, I was told that there were always options to get out of it and not to worry about that."

Her response "well, they didnt say they were good options."

This has resulted in me walking out. I will continue my search to end this lease in some fashion. I will never work with that dealership again, or purchase another toyota... Ever. What a rip off.

May 29, 2018

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