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I placed a online order with Toyglobe Jan 17, 2010 for various Star Wars figures. After a long delay and numerous emails to the company and receiving replies that stated they were not sure why my order had not shipped but assured me I would receive it within 7 days. The order finally arrived 3 weeks later however 2 items were missing from the order. I have emailed many times since the shipment was received regarding the missing items, and have NEVER received a reply. This is my latest email to them "I am missing items from this order #291498, the order was received and paid in full but 2 items were not shipped. SKU 2368 Hoth Luke Skywalker and SKU 114858 Republic Commando Scene Pack were both missing from the order but are not shown as backordered anywhere on the invoice inside the box. As of last night I received a call from my credit card company, the same card I used to order online from you, and they have closed my account due to FRAUD! It appears someone has used my credit card information illegally! Rest assured all of the legal entities including the RCMP have been notified regarding this fraud. Your company is the only one that I have given my credit information to in the past 6 months and it will be your company that they are looking at first! I require a money order in Canadian funds to be sent out immediately for the refund due on the missing items. This is your last chance to get this right."

As you can see I am very concerned with the fraud matter as now it appears I have also been a victim of identity theft. The agencies I have contacted here in Canada all take this very seriously and have started an investigation into this particular transaction since it happened at the same time as the fraud and concerns that credit card which I have not used recently other than this transaction with Toyglobe.

I wish I had checked into this company before placing my order with them as it appears this is not unusual practice for them to simply short ship or not ship at all while quickly taking your payment and maybe even your identity!!!

In my opinion "Dont' EVER deal with Toyglobe!"


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  • Va
      20th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes
    TOYGLOBE - Undelivered package

    To put it short, I have waited way past the delivery date for this package and had absolutely no help from the co. I've sent emails with package number and my email address and given them my home phone, but nothing except the 2 same emails saying that my package was on backoreder but would ship out the next wee and delvered within seven days. That was long ago and still no delivery no tracking number.

  • Bj
      18th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes
    TOYGLOBE - Took payment and never sent item

    Ordered hard to find toystory doll. They took out payment immediately and sent an email saying items would ship in 10 days. Never received shipping notification. Tried to call and return calls or emails and now their mailbox says full. Waited well over a month and they never sent anything. They are a scam and now our credit card company is going after them for us. BEWARE!

  • No
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    "All shipments are insured and trackable."

    That's a lie. Jun 16? Almost 3 months?

    Let me tell you: I'm buying things about all arround the wolrd. Even from China, the thinks NEVER takes longer than 2 months.

    This is my 4th e-mail. No tracking code. What this mean? I've been stolen!

    So, lets do this. You could at least send the tracking code (so I'll kknow that the product exists), or you admit that the product have not been sent yet, and GIVE BACK MY MONEY!

    Just to let you know: I have 4 free hours a day. If I have not a answer until today, I'll begin a crusade on all foruns and complains, and blogs about toys all over the internet, in 5 languages I know. No, its not a great work, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V is very fast for a message with this truth.

    And more. I have family and friends in USA and Canada, and they will look forward your company.


  • Mu
      21st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes
    18 Chelsea avenue Flagstaff Hill
    South Australia

    Got overcharged for the purchase to start with, then product did not arrive. Emailed complaints and assured me that the product would be sent. Waited another two months and still nothing, have emailed twice more and no reply, a total scam company and they should be banned from trading. Totally shocked with their approach to so called trading sorry "scam trading"

  • Br
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes
    TOYGLOBE - no product
    New York
    United States

    I have the same complaint as everyone else. Ordered product - payed for product - did not receive product. Sent 2 e-mails and made 2 phone calls with no response. This website ihas the Verisign trust seal so this morning I called and made a complaint with them. Hope this works.

  • Se
      30th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi i just in shock the same story is happening to me i bought products in like $200 i never receive my items, i called hundred times not by phone i used my pc to make this calls i got the same voicemail i should had read the reviews before buy at this store TOYGLOBE.COM i always check my account statement and found there were some weird transaction purchases from nigeria and other web pages costed me like $500 wich i never did before so this start after buying from this company i dont know if they sell the credit card information to other people or the used for their own benefits after this i tried to find more, so when i checked the history from calls that i made from my pc i found the phone numbers go directly to other countries for example togo or saint kitts and nevis wich the last one the code area is 1 (869)means TOY i never have made any calls to these countries but i think was when i tried to reach this people, i just read your complaint its like they just copy and paste the messages to all the people about the delay, are on backordered, be patience and blah blah blah, even if they send u part of the purchase cause there some people recieved the items but probably incompleted they already have all your information so im warning to all the people who have been cheated from this scam store TOYGLOBE.COM
    by the way the items the said are in BO there still on the web page like are on stock WT[censored] BEWARE...

  • Fo
      6th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes
    TOYGLOBE - not received merchandise

    Be carefull their are scammers! You wount receive anything from them. I lost $ 149.70. 5 months have past and nothing has arrived so far. You just cannot contact Toy Globe. It is a shame because I was interested to spend hundreds of dollars more and I would not give them a cent after this bad experience. Worst I am afraid to by from internet now from any site.

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