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I have sent dozens of emails to your company over the past 5 months with no response. You have illegally taken money out of my account and I demand a refund IMMEDIATELY. The goods that I ordered in April 2010 have not arrived but you clearly have taken the money... If I do not receive a response from you by the end of the week, I will be handing this matter over to my attorney to sue you for my money you have taken and for the time I have wasted trying to get a response from YOU...

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  • Ne
      Jan 05, 2009
    toy globe - Never Recieved shipment
    Toy Globe
    United States

    I purchased two figures from the TORTURED SOULS series a few months back. At the time when I purchased them, I was in Iraq fighting the war back in 2007. So, being so far from home., I made sure that the orders were sent to my parents house. When I ordered the figures and got a email from my folks only ONE figure came through the mail. And I paid for two. The whole order came to about 70 dollars. Finding out I only recieved the ONE figure, I had a letter stating that the other one would be arriving shortly there after. Well, a week went by, ...nothing. Two weeks, same..nothing. A month and well.. you know the pattern. I wrote and called there customer service and didnt get any response back. SO, with only one figure and out the other one, I would say find a better place to purchace you items. Hard lesson learned.

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  • Ro
      Jan 12, 2009

    I too have had problems with Toy Globe, firstly it makes me laugh that their warehouse is in Quebec & I get charged international shipping & I live in Ontario & yes my last item was mailed from Quebec. That order was a small figurine for my son, it took over a month, several snotty emails & phone calls before it turned up. That was October 2007. Silly me bought a couple of items from online websites for my sons birthday, Toy Globe & Toywiz. This December I ordered a Curious George toy for my daughter for Christmas, I could not remember which one was the one that was slow to ship & had very bad customer service. All I can say is that the only repeat business they get are from woman who were pregnant & only functioning on limited braincells & whose memory as to where she ordered the first shipment from was less then clear. My advice is to never ever buy from them, if you want to throw your money away then throw it my way!

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  • Sm
      Nov 21, 2009
    Toy Globe
    United States

    Is someone able to shut this company down. They take your money and that's the end of it, you don't hear anything again.

    Look at the many, many complaints - all saying the same thing.

    Please someone has to stop them!

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  • Jo
      Nov 22, 2009

    LESLIE CHARLES GILROY (corrupt cop)
    in company with
    and others, robbed my wife and I
    See the whole story here

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  • An
      Dec 06, 2010

    all beware this so called toy globe toy store is one of thousands of madoff type of company that will keep bringing this once great country burning right to the ground powered by greed and deception i order a product from this so called toy globe took my money ran with it and they never look back it felt like i got pick pocket but this time i knew who did it no matter how many times i have complaint they continue to keep robing us th consumer.

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