Township of MorrisScam

Last night I had an awful experience before Judge Robert J. Nish and Officer Mark McGuinness. My wife was cited with a parking ticket in front of our house despite there not being any sign prohibiting the same. In fact, it is not illegal to park on the our street or any of the surrounding streets. So why were we given a ticket? TO GENERATE REVENUE for the town. I tried to enter into evidence the facts (pictures)supporting the fact that there is no signs but Judge Nish continued to cut me off and not allow for factual and objective information to be presented. His purpose is to try and intimidate anyone so he can rule in the townships favor. He is paid by the township so why not favor the township. Officer McGuinness was no better in that he was evasive when asked basic question but was supported by the Judge in what is nothing more than a Kangaroo court! It it isn't about justice or doing what is right... it is about taking your money because they are empowered to so. Pictures were presented to show that there are no signs prohibiting parking on our street and any of the streets in our neighborhood. How can we be issued a ticket when there is no posted signs and when it is lawful to park in front of our home? Absolutely ridiculous!


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