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Town of Thomaston, Maine / Property Taxes

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Last year the Town announced a revaluation project. We received a letter informing us that there would be assessors going door to door to view our homes, inside and out. Of course, we certainly had the right to refuse them entry. But, the letter added, if we did not allow access they would assume that we had the best of everything and we would be taxed accordingly. We would also lose our right to appeal or apply for an abatement.
Blackmail sounds a little over the top, but that's what it felt like to many of us here.

The short of it is that our taxes increased 70% (to $5464.) and our valuation was increased from 171,500. to $381,800., estimated at this writing.

I requested a meeting with the assessor to discuss the estimate. It was useless. Our very dedicated assessor said the tax bills would not be mailed at the least for another month because the Town is behind in their preparation and had not finalized the numbers. The payment is due on December 1st. I was frustrated with his attitude and couldn’t resist asking, “What if I receive the bill on November 30th?” He said, “The payment would still be due on December 1st.” I DON"T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WILL BE!

This is a small town of just over 3000. These taxes, added to the fuel prices, income and sales taxes are driving locals out of the state. It's really sickening.

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