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Town & Country Foods / Our bad experience with Town & Country Foods

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We purchased one of the town and country frozen food packages, the cost of which was quite expensive. With this package we received a new freezer. Well, the freezer had to have an outlet for itself (nothing else could be plugged in with it). Long story short we set it up in the garage, the gfi clicked off, we were on vacation, we got back to a freezer full of bad meat. We paid off the freezer, but didn't reorder any products. Oh, yes, it would have cost us $6-$700.00 to have had a separate line run for the freezer. Any way town and country screwed our credit rating up after we had contacted them to inform them we were paying the freezer and monies owed for the original order. We were told that this blight on my credit would be removed. 3 years has passed and it still has not been removed.

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  • Ni
      17th of Dec, 2008
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    We signed up for T&C foods and were told that the freezer was only 500.00. So I called and asked to just pay the freezer off and that’s when I was told that it was 3500.00 with the warranty and set up fees. Also our sales rep told us that our current freezer would not hold the amount of food that they were sending. Come to find out it would. She was very misleading. I also asked her what if I don’t want this in a year what happens to the freezer; she said no one had every stop using them. She never really answered my questions. So if there are more complaints, maybe we can get a class action lawsuit against T&C foods. The vegetables were all freezer burned.

  • Ha
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    Just cause the wiring in your house was bad don't blame Town and Country. We have the freezer and another fridge plugged into the same plug in no problem. If you would have talked to them about the bad food they would have replaced it. If the food is frezzer burnt call them and they will replace it. We have had it and love it. Sure there is something we didn't like but if i get something at safeway i don't like i am stuck with it. With T&C they replaced it.

  • Rk
      19th of Jun, 2011
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    Town & Country Foods tried to give us their spiel quite a while ago, and they called again today trying to get our business again, as if they hadn't before. It renewed my frustration with them. We almost fell for them the first time, but got smart super fast!

    It was presented as a way to $ave money and feed our family for cheaper. They said our grocery bill for the whole year would only be $1440! Who could beat that? Well, that is if all we wanted to eat was meat and a few veggies... The package contained 63 packages of 8oz frozen veggies, and most of the rest was meat (and a little bit of pasta). My family of four would like to eat more than an 8oz pkg of veggies a week (to share, that is).

    Anyway-- we managed to get a copy of the sheet that showed point values for our package. Lucky us. We did some calculations after the rep left. You are supposed to get so many packages a year of all the different meats and items offered. The page we had showed unit values for each of these things. They had unit values so that you could mix and match to customize the pkg to your own needs. We took the total charged for the year ($1440) divided by the total points allowed for the year (14, 980) and figured out the price per point. Turned out to be .096128 per point. We took the oz per pkg and figured out the $/oz and then multiplied that by 16 to get the price per lb. The amount of money you would be paying PER LB is ridiculous!!!

    16.92 New York Strip Steaks
    22.59 Porterhouse Steaks
    22.59 T-Bone Steaks
    17.78 Sirloin Steaks
    11.54 Round Steaks
    11.05 Chuck Steaks
    7.69 Cubed Round Steaks
    8.17 Stew Beef
    10.73 Pot Roast 2x 1.5 lbs
    9.29 Chuck Roast 2x 1.5 lbs
    8.17 Ground Beef Bulk
    8.65 Ground Steak Burgers
    10.57 Beef & Cheddar Burgers
    11.05 Pork Chops
    9.93 Center Cut Pork Loin Roast
    8.97 Ham Roast
    12.82 Stuffed Pork Chops
    8.65 Country Spare Ribs
    5.29 Ground Pork
    4.45 Whole Fryers
    3.68 Cut Fryers
    5.29 Seasond Cut Fryers
    5.77 Chicken Breasts
    3.85 Chicken Drumsticks
    3.85 Chicken Thighs
    8.65 Ground Turkey Breast
    7.69 Boneless Chicken Breast
    3.85 Chicken Legs &Thighs
    9.61 Chicken Cheddar Burgers
    10.09 Chicken Sausage
    17.30 Orange Roughy
    9.61 Salmon Fillets
    10.89 Ocean Perch Fillets
    9.61 Tuna Steaks
    11.05 Fish Tenders
    6.25 Italin Sausage Links
    7.05 Stuffed Shells
    9.61 Ravioli
    12.69 Seafood Ravioli
    8.17 Pasta
    8.17 Tortellini
    7.69 Sauces
    12.18 Marinated Tri-Tip Roast
    16.02 Stuffed Chicken Breast
    10.57 Marinated Breast Fillets
    9.23 Buffalo Wings
    9.29 Seasoned Pork Roast
    6.73 Organic Vegetables

    Yes folks-- it's true. They want to charge you $8.17 per lb for GROUND BEEF! $8.65 per lb for Ground Turkey! Etc. Etc. Etc...

    Glad to say, we ran the other direction. If you get a call from them, I suggest you do too!

    (Despite the stupid free freezer they are giving you) You are still going to need to buy food to go with your food. Plus you will spend a BUNDLE in the end.

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