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Tower Hill Insurance / Claims Process

FL, United States Review updated:
Had a hail storm. They first sent out a man from a construction company that said I had no damage. I knew I did s four roofing companies had looked at it, all saying I did. When I called the claims agent and told him the guy they sent out didn't know what he was talking about, the claims agent then said "How many roofs have you installed?" and argued with me trying to tell me the guy was an expert. Then a few weeks later they had a scientist/engineer drive from Orlando to Jacksonville, spend over an hour on my roof. He leaves and I don't hear anything final on my roof claim for nearly six weeks. I call my agent and he stirs them up and in about a week from then I finally get a check. Claim filed about August 19th and settled the first week in November. TERRIBLE claims process, and smart a$$ claims adjuster.


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  28th of Dec, 2011
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After two months they're threatening to drop us over hairline cracks in our stucco. They're refusing to talk to me insisting on going through our agent and they're also refusing to cite where in their policy it states they can terminate an active policy over cracks in stucco.
  21st of Aug, 2012
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Hey Steve! We "HAD" this Insurance! WHAT A JOKE, NIGHTMARE, and THIEVES THEY ARE! Our home COMPLETELY FLOODED, in Jan. 2012. They had Florida Catastrophe from Orlando come into our house to lift furnishings around, and they WERE SUPPOSE TO "DO A COMPLETE INVENTORY LIST OF ALL ITEMS TAKEN OUT OF THIS HOME." The crew they sent in to do this job; STOLE OVER 36 BLACK HEAVY DUTY CONTRACTOR GARBAGE bags w/ ALL OF OUR "EXPENSIVE, VALUABLE, PERSONAL CONTENTS!" When I called Peter Lenhard, and Anthony Campbell from Fl.Cat. and REPORTED THAT EVENING OUR VALUABLES WERE STOLEN, NO INVENTORY LIST LEFT IN MY POSSESSION, "NOTHING, " I mean NOTHING went ANY FURTHER! I am livid w/ this company. I am going to do what I gotta do, to re coop our personal possessions in a honest manner w/ integrity, that THI ALLOWED FL.CAT. TO "STEAL, " FROM US, in our WORST, WEAKEST MOMENT(S).
  21st of Aug, 2012
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ACCIDENTALLY LEFT THIS OUT... "THEY "DID" DROP US!" Was sooo nice of them! Heck I would too, if I''d a been a low life, (as TOWER HILL INSURANCE IS) and stole over $30, 000.00 worth of merchandise out of someones home too! That "WILL BE A WAY TO PRE PAY, " FLCAT in advance for the NEXT HELPLESS CLIENT they send their FLCAT out for emergency services to! The kicker is, CNDR (Restoration Company THI hired to restore what was left in our house) out of Jacksonville WAS PRESENT THE "ENTIRE TIME, " that FLCAT walked away w/ our PERSONAL BELONGINGS!
  20th of Dec, 2012
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I've been a good, cash paying homeowner insurance customer for about 3 years. I
recently chose to enroll in Tower Hill on-line automatic payment plan providing my
checking account number. I mistakenly transposed a couple numbers in the
account when I filled out the online enrollment form. When the bill went to the bank, it got kicked back for an unknown account number. Tower Hill cancelled my policy without a phone call or email even though they had this information on file. I found out 45 days later when they had the nerve to send me a "balance due" bill after cancellation. They refused to reinstate my policy even with full payment and full current year payment. Very poor / impersonal business practices. Thank god I didn't have to fight for a claim with these jerks. They changed their name from Royal Palm Insurance to Tower Hill. By any name they are a bad business.
  18th of Jul, 2013
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Our ceiling caved in after heavy rains on July 2, 2013. We did have some small damage on the roof which was repaired by my husband. The contents on the room which was our office was covered in more than 12 inches of dry wall and insulation. We discovered that there was a mold issue!!! All of this information was conveyed to the "young" man that answered the phone early morning July 3, 2013. The ONLY thing they did right was get someone out to my home in a timely manner. 15 days into this and no contact from them, I finally called my agent and found out through him that we are not covered. I am disabled with allergic asthma to mold!! I WILL slam them everywhere and anywhere I can. Shopping for new insurance in Tampa.
  14th of May, 2014
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first they take your money then find an excuse to drop you. i have recently bought a rental property and through an agent bought Tower Hill home insurance, paid the premium in closing cost. but after a couple of weeks got a call out of blue that the inspector was at the property for inspection and found hairline crack on stucco and the property was unoccupied (it was in renovation) then they just abruptly canceled the coverage through the agent, left me have to look for new insurance
  4th of Jun, 2014
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Just cancelled me 3 days into hurricane season for filing a roof claim. They paid after 3 inspections and a lot of hassle. But what a fool I was to return excess money to them. They cancelled me with days of cashing my check, thank you very much. My neighbors have similar house, same damage, same risk and exposure and got renewed. They are a couple...I am a widow. Just sayin. I have used them for years through 4 houses at the advice of my agent. I would say avoid them at all costs. They stink.
  4th of Jun, 2014
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I am having to take them to court over damages caused by a simple kitchen fire. Contractors are refusing to work with me when they find out I am insured by Tower Hill Insurance. Renee Heston and Nancy Weber are the adjusters on my claim. Please, stay clear of Tower Hill. I have been out of my home, as it is still smoke damaged, since 3/15/2014. Today is 6/3/2014. I have yet to receive ANY additional living expenses, which are provided for by my policy. No payments have been made for my damaged contents. All costs are being bore by myself and they haven't even offered a settlement but Tower Hill Insurance filed with the State Dept of Financial Services to go to mediation, instead of paying the claim or even making a decent offer.

  6th of Jun, 2014
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Well, Tower Hill called today and said it looked like a mistake and said I should be reinstated on Monday. Couldn't have been nicer. So paper work snafu??? Anyway, I am very relieved. And, I guess I can take it all back.
  9th of Jun, 2014
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UPDATE: I am going to Mediation with THIG this Friday 6/13/2014. They are trying to wait me out, hoping I will go broke and are offering pennies on the dollar. They are disputing their own contractor estimates. What pieces of work. I am wondering if they are going to call the Mediator a liar as well. I had to hire an attorney to represent me on this. This would be against the law if a citizen did this to another. It called Theft and Fraud.
  3rd of Aug, 2014
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try being the company that does the restoration..they never return your calls or pay you on time. I advise everyone to drop tower hill insurance,
  17th of Jan, 2016
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I became a customer of Tower Hill when Citizens went out of business. I recently had water damage in bathroom and bedroom due to faulty plumbing. I was reimbursed by TH and then received a notice of cancellation. Reason? "proprerty vacant or abandoned". I have lived here for 17 years. One claim and they drop you. They should be put out of business.
  6th of Nov, 2016
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With H. Matthew, so far, we have been treated well. We are a little confused about the figures for our losses and depreciation's, etc., and will try to get better understanding tomorrow. They sent an independent adjuster out who did a great job, was kind, helpful, and most informative. His name was Charlie Close. Now, I am dealing with an in-house guy, Matthew Brady, and he also seems quite helpful, by phone and snail mail (just have to get some clarification of terms and figures). I hope things will go better for us, as most of these reviews are not good at all! I do have to say that thig took good care of us in 2004 when Charlie tried to beat us down and I hope they will be there for us now with Matthew. Will check back in and let you know how it all works out.
  25th of Sep, 2017
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Tower Hill insurance has a policy that if you file one single water damage claim back in 2009 (told by the underwriter it could be 100 years ago) they have a policy that they will non-renew coverage and will deny coverage for the rest of your life!!! this is what happened to me. upon calling the state's department of financial services, They indicate, while immoral, it is apparently not illegal for them to do this... You have been warned!!! BEWARE!!!

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