Tower Anime / Credit card fraud

1 3008 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, United States

My son likes anime, so when he found Tower Anime he had to buy some hard to find titles from the store. The first purchase was last year, and about a month after the purchase his credit card suddenly had huge charges from *Google. Since he had also used the credit card at Sunglass Hut - we couldn't blame Tower Anime for the breach.

Almost two months ago he ordered more anime from Tower Anime. Putting aside the fact that it has taken nearly two months for the anime to SHIP (we just got a notice that it was shipped yesterday) this morning there was the familiar *Google charge for $200 - not just one but THREE $200.00 charges!!!

I know for a fact that it was Tower Anime or someone in their office who 'stole' the credit card number because it was the ONLY PLACE THAT THIS CARD WAS USED!!! There is no mistaking who is ripping you off when there isn't anywhere else this card was used in the past!

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