Tourist / scam / selling not rentable rooms

1 dublin, Ireland
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I booked a room in Rishikesh (India)

Had to pay 16 euro advance by creditcard, which I did.
I got their confirmation, that the room was mine, for the periode
I booked.

Then I send a email to the hotel.
They told me I have no booking, because they have no free room at all. There seems no working connection between them and hostelworld.
So hostelworld is random selling rooms, which are not existing.
So room and lost 17 euro.

ofcourse I tried to contact about this, hoping they would solve the issue,
but no response from hostelworld at all, even after several tries. So they do not even border to clearify things, or settle issues like this. For me it means that they work this way on purpose. Getting lost of money, for fake/ghost rooms, which doesnot exist. (since there are many more messages like this). So, be aware, don't book with

Feb 4, 2017

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