tour of Los AngelesPoor service

Grand Tour of LA was not grand by anyone's standards! Most of the attractions we were supposed to see were only visible to those who happened to be sitting on that side of the bus as we sped by. For example, visiting LaBrea tarpits should mean stopping and getting off the bus to explore, not just driving by. Of the 19 attractions listed for the tour, we stopped at 3 (one of these was for lunch at the Farmers' Market--yuck!) and 3 others were at the company's office where the tour started. We returned to the starting point and were put on another bus for the second tour which was advertised as seeing the homes of the stars. The driver was extremely rude and drove very recklessly on the hilly curvy roads. Again we saw little of interest as most of the stars live in gated communities and/or behind tall plantings. We had been told the driver would take us back to our hotel after this 2-hour tour. He asked me what hotel and then said he didn't know where it was. He drove us to the Universal Studios parking lot where we were put on another bus. I eventually got back to the hotel 2 hours after this tour ended. My advice is to avoid this company at all costs!

Jan 09, 2015

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