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I was in business with Totally Ice International / for a few months. At the beginning everything was going good, for about the first few weeks. I used them as a dropshipper/supplier for my company. After about a month it all started going down hill. My customers were not receiving orders or they were receiving the exact opposite of what they ordered. Finally I decided to take action after weeks of trying to contact them. I turned them in to (where they already have an F rating) I told BBB about the whole thing and how I have so many customers that I had to refund out of my own pocket because totally ice never shipped their orders.(Which is fine they are my customers. But at the same time I am still totally ice's customer)So BBB contacted them, Here is the exact emaill BBB got from them "From totallyice legal department: totallyice international d/b/a totallyice,, totallyice international, et al. has filed for bankruptcy protection in Tennessee, Florida, and New York" So of course seeing how they filed for bankruptcy BBB could not assist me. Don't you think that they should have told me that? Also why are they still in business? To scam some more customers. Well I continued to confront totally ice and even called them out in some blogs. After doing my research on other hip hop jewelry companys I found I noticed that totallyice and Iced out gear all had the exact same customer testimonials. I contacted Iced out gear and they said that they are not affiliated in any way and do not know why totallyice is stilling their testimonials. (Iced out gear is BBB accredited and has a A rating so I know they are not the liars.) So I put that in a blog about how they stole another companies testimonials and since I have called them out they no longer have those testimonials(Im not sure if it was me calling them out or if Iced out gear said anything to them). So all I can say is just BEWARE of totallyice. They are a horrible company and there is a chance you will never see your order.


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