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Noticed charges billed on my Verizon phone bill page 12 of 14 under ILD Teleservices - a billing company that can place charges on the phone bill for another company. When I called they told me they were billing for a company called Total Contact Solutions. I called them to complain. This company supposedly provides uninterrupted connection with friends and relatives during times of crisis or disaster. I was first told that my daughter signed up for this on the internet through " Top 10 Worst Companies in Palm Harbor, FL" They even gave me her correct e-mail address. She is married and has not lived with us for over a year and never signed up for it. When I call the second time Total Contact Solution said I signed up for it under the same above mentioned site, which I did not. They were good about canceling the so called "service, " and I have been refunded three payments that were applied to my phone bill. It just angers me to think that many other people may be paying for this questionable "service" that they never signed up for.

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  • Ib
      Oct 06, 2009

    These people are total scam artist. I just got off the phone with them and was told they are crediting back the 3 bills they charged to my phone bill. Now I'm worried because they gave me an email account for my wife as the source of the order and when I told them that was not her account they sked me for her correct address as verification. Dumb me gave it to them. ILD, the company who handles the billing was sued by the FCC in 2003. They settled with the government for 775, 000 dollars. They took in somwhere betwen 2 and 3 million dollars in illegal charges to individuals.

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