Toshiba El Arabyfreezer 4 drawers - silver

Dear SIr,
I am complaining about my bad experience with Toshiba, I am in Egypt, I bought a deep freezer on 7/7/2018, I delivered the freezer on 10/7/2018, the freezer was not working since the day of the delivery, I called the maintenance team to help with this and they came and provide a fix and it works for a day and the second day the freezer is still not working, I recalled the maintenance again and they came again to provide a fix but the second day it is not working, , and then they stopped answering and coming to provide any fixes, I can say that it is the worst experience ever, I bought a freezer and from the beginning till now it is not working, please consider this as a high importance as I am confused from the product and need a solution.
Thank you for understanding
Attached is the receipt of the freezer

Toshiba El Araby
Toshiba El Araby

Aug 31, 2018

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