Toshiba4 screws

T Nov 24, 2017

I bought a 55 L711U18 model tv today and there were four (4) M5 17mm screws missing. I called best buy, which was where I bought it to see if they would give me the four (4) screws but they could not as they had sold out of the tvs in the store. they directed me to call Toshiba to replace the four (4) missing screws. I called the help line and am told I am to either go to best buy to replace the full tv set, or send it back to Toshiba. All this over FOUR (4) SCREWS! It would have been cheaper for Toshiba to just put the FOUR (4) SCREWS into a package and mail them to my address, but instead they tell my to send the tv back. I apologize for the following profanity, but i think it is absolute [censor] that the company would not want to save a couple dollars and just send me the FOUR (4) SCREWS that i was shorted. Maybe I am just overreacting but I figured it would be morally just for a company to right someone who had been wronged no matter how big or how little the situation.
I at all possible i would like compensation for the four (4) M5 17mm screws needed to screw in the base. If you would allow it i would supply a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase.

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