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On Saturday 27th of October I flew from Toronto back to London Gatwick in the evening. I had passed through security and noticed the advertised usb charging ports available on tables in the communal area. I plugged my iPhone in to the port for ten minutes while I finished a call, and then noticed that it had become unnaturally hot. As I went to unplug it it turned itself off and would not turn back on. I had to see a member of Westjet staff in order to get access to my boarding pass which was saved on my phone. I visited the istore which is situated in the terminal and the staff there diagnosed that there had been a power surge which had ‘scorched the motherboard'. I let it cool down and then took it to a larger store with a repair centre in Brighton once I had arrived back in the UK. They were unable to repair the damage caused from the mains at Toronto airport. They also confirmed that there was no sign of personal damage or misuse prior to the incident. It has now cost me £145 sterling to replace my phone with the same model, a cost which I would not have incurred if I hadn't plugged it in at the airport. I am contacting yourselves because I have been advised to by an insurance company. They said that the claim should go to you because ‘the airline is responsible for you and your personal items once you have passed through to airside'.
Please contact me on f.e.[protected]

Kind regards,
Faye Bailey

Nov 26, 2018

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