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If you want theese products avoind the infomercials on tv and the 1800 number and avoid ordering theese items online only buy at a local store where the business has integrity and will be able to assist you if there is any problems ... my experience... i saw the ad on tv and i later went online and ordered 2 of thier products thinking the newer items would not be yet available in stores within a day i found the same items 90% off and no shipping charges in a local store so i purchased them there i went home and logged in to my computer and visited the web site to contact the company to cancle my order i got the phone number and called and the first man who i spoke to told me that the order was not yet in thier system so he could not help me to stop the order at that time i asked him could you make any notation when it makes it into your system that it could be flagged and removed he told me no to call back in 24 hours and see if it had updated into the system so i did and i ther talked to another man named Nick this man looked up my information and told me sorry it was allready processed and had shipped out this morning i asked him was there any way of stopping it and told him i called yesterday and that i was told it was not in the system to call back now and he said there was no way to stop it and all he could do is give me a return authorization number to send the items back when they arrived and that he would make a note so my credit card payment would be stopped i said ok and hung upt the phone later that evening i realized it was a holiday and that the mail wasent running so how would my items i ordered be shipped on a holiday when a post office is closed the next morning i called back the very next day and talked to a woman named Annette who i told her what had happened and she then told me well sorry but my computer says the package wasent shipped yesterday it was shipped this morning and your credit card was charged this morning i then asked her how do i stop this and what could i do since everyone i listened to from her company has lied to me so far and how do i stop this she told me she couldent do nothing that the only thing i could do is contact FED EX and try to get them to stop the package in transit and return it but she couldent help me i asked her for the tracking number repeated it to her 2 times to make sure i had it correct and contacted FED EX then fed ex told me the tracking number was not a valid fed ex number and that it was wrong or invalid number that i needed to reverify the number so i had been lied to again and again and contacted the company again and again i was given the same tracking number that fed ex told me was invalid and asked them how could i track the package since fed ex couldent find the package they had me go to a and told me that there was the only other way but at the time it told me the items were shipped nothing else so at a loss on what to do i contacted the credit card that i charged the items on to see if they lied again and well the items were charged the day annette said they were but i couldent tell you where the package was and couldent stop them i told the credit card company and they put a dispute out on the company for the charges and as soon as the items arrived i put the return authorization number on the items and sent them back the same day when the items were returned i recieved a $23.24 credit instead of the $53.44 that they charged me in the first place and the company has told my credit card company that they deducted $30.20 for shipping charges and wont refund me my money after all of the bull they put me through and all of the lies they told me so i am telling everyone i know to avoid the company since they wouldent even try and now they are charging me the shipping costs when i had been trying to cancel the order way before the item was sent out the company should have issued me a full refund and an appoligy and i might have refered a few coustomers to the product but since i have been left pardon the pun hung upside down and out to dry i wont give the company any good refrences grantit if they would make this right it would be considered.

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      3rd of Jun, 2016
    topsy turvey - Will not refund
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    We answered an add on the television and got an automated order. The order ended up over charging us $120.00. When we called the next buisness day, the company had told us we could not cancel, that the order was already processed. The order came and since then, we have contacted them 6 times in the past two months and have been told, "we will forward this message to a supervisor and you will recieve a call with-in 24 to 48 hrs." We were also told that we would be sent a pre-paid mail envelope to return the item, and that has not happened. I have spoken directly to two supervisors, Al and Pricilla, both with no results. This has gone on for over 2 months. This is by far the worst service I have ever seen. This company is a joke.

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