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We have an asphalt shingle roof which was installed in June 2005 by Topside Roofing of Bellingham, WA. We were one month outside of the 5-year workmanship warrantee when the first leak occurred and damaged a bathroom ceiling. We had the leak repaired by another roofing contractor. Subsequently, we experienced a leak which damaged our kitchen ceiling. This last month we discovered that water is seeping into the drywall above the door in our laundry room, and we have noticed a crack developing in the wall near the door. Last week, while we were out of town, another leak occurred. This time a 2-foot square section of the ceiling in our bedroom collapsed. What a lovely thing to come home to!!! It appears that this leak has been hidden for some time, as the drywall which fell was completely saturated and moldy. We also are concerned that a mildewed ceiling corner and musty smell in a closet may indicate another leak.

These leaks are located at different places - front and back side of the house and at both ends, though (as far as we can tell) concentrated more toward the north end of the house. So, this is not a single source problem; it appears that the entire roof has issues. We have attempted to address the problems as they have arisen, but are concerned that our house has suffered some serious damage at this point. Now, we are looking at the cost of a new roof, in addition to repairs to ceilings and walls - and who knows what else!

If you are from Topside Roofing and are reading this, I hope you realize that you have had opportunities to remedy the situation and to prevent this review. I had hoped that when I contacted Topside they would want to set things right. However, they instead offer minimal discounts on roof replacement, are completely unapologetic about the water damage, and appear to want to project any blame onto repair work done by another roofing company. Needless to say, we're not pleased. Photos below show the damage to the bedroom ceiling, kitchen ceiling, and laundry room wall.

Topside Roofing
Topside Roofing
Topside Roofing

May 8, 2014

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