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TopDot Mortgage / Calling the kettle black

1 NY, United States

Topdot Mortgage dba Premium Capital Funding who were prior BLS Funding and who knows who they were prior to this. Bottom Line is they probably have another name all ready and they are operating again. The owners or the "Brown Family" who have run this business are crooks, watch the movie "Boiler Room", this is nothing but a "chopshop" mortgage company. They overcharge their clients with ridiculous fees, "especially a 720 borrower" who has to be charged buydown points, junk title and escrow fees, administration fees on top of the underwritng and processing fees.

The fees need to be high too pay for the over exaggerated salaries of the top heavy Brown management. I wonder what the employees make or made after the Browns took their chunk of the pie. FHA hotline, to be in upper manangement with Topdot and the Browns you need to be a personal with no experience and never sold a loan in your life.

It is about time the crackdown finally seemed to reach these smile in your face stick a knife in your back crooks. Buyer beware, if your dealing with a company the Browns own or are even part ownership "I even hear they want to become a bank" take your business elsewhere. You have been warned.

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