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Recently, I ordered a Optoma TX782W Projector from
Their advertised price was $1, 800.00 (about $500.00 less expensive than the competition). They advertise the lowest price on the market to get the order, then they call you on the phone to switch the product.
After ordering online, they called me up to "confirm my address" and to ask me if I want the projector with a 50 hour bulb or a 4, 000 hour bulb. I know that Optoma does not sell a projector with a 50 hour bulb. The scam does this to jack the price up on the customer to the competitions prices.

I'm sure that this company does this with their other products as well. Consumers BEWARE!

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  • Ar
      Dec 11, 2008 - Canon Digital Rebel XS
    New York
    New York
    United States
    Phone: [protected] had the lowest web sales price for a Canon Digital Rebel XS kit with lens. After ordering, they sent me an e-mail that I needed to call them to verify my order. After numerous attempts, getting either a busy signal or being placed on hold, we did not connect for almost 2 weeks. They would resend the confirmation e-mail claiming that they needed to verify the order, only my reply e-mails came back with "undeliverable" messages. I was finally able to leave a message by telephone and got a call back.

    The sales representative was very personable, and suggested several add ons from a battery to overpriced SD cards. I asked for the camera, as advertised, at the advertised price. The representative then informed me that it would be a grey market camera from Japan, and that I would need to return it to them for warranty claims. When I asked for a US market product, he told me it would be more money. I then cancelled the order, which he politely agreed to do.

    My back up was B&H Photo. It was a little more money, yet I received free shipping, the expected e-mail confirmation, a UPS tracking number, and the product (US version) in 3 days. This was a vastly superior experience, and similar to the best in customer service from some venerable companies.

    Bypass all offers from

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  • Do
      Dec 18, 2008 - top choice digital steer clear
    top choice digital
    United States

    As everyone else, I like the other complaints received an email showing only the two items i had requested. No totals. nothing additional. The day following my purchase stating that i needed to contact them to "verify" my purchase. I was purchasing the canon 580 ex II flash and the wp-21c.

    I called the number only to get sent to voicemail, over and over and over. I finally demanded the "operator" send me to someone that could help. Amazingly i talked to 3 "different" people who all had the same voice. He took my order number barely verified my address and then went into a sales pitch attempting to convince me that i needed to buy the lithium battery pack if i wanted it to work. I stated that it uses AA batteries, and he said they will only last 15minutes. (canon's website states 100-700 pictures) I declined the additional sale and then he proceeds to try to sell me memory for my camera, im ordering a flash, not a camera. He acts annoyed when i tell him that i don't need memory. "you don't need any accessories?" I replied no. He then states we will ship your order right out.

    Now this really didn't sit well with me. So i then decided to do a websearch and thank you to all that shared your experiences. I called and immediately to cancel my order. The same guy proceeds to tell me my order has been processed and asked why? I stated that after my unusual interactions with him i read reviews on his company's practices and was certain that i would not receive my items by christmas. He said "YOUR ORDER IS CANCELLED" and hung up.

    I turned around and ordered the same products from amazon for similar price and i know it will be here for christmas.

    Thank you to everyone who has posted their dealings with this company, you saved my christmas. Merry Christmas

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  • Cb
      Jan 27, 2009 - scam artists
    Top Choice Digital
    United States

    BEWARE!!! This company is a complete JOKE!

    Here's the scam...

    I ordered a Pentax Optio w60 camera from them because they came up the least expensive on Google's shopping results. I went to there website and everything looked legit, so I ordered. The next day I get an email saying they need further verification, upon which I call and the verification consisted of a gentleman bold-faced lying to me about the camera I ordered. First, he claimed I needed to order an extended-life battery, saying the camera would only run for 15 minutes with the factory battery-RED FLAG#1. Second, he tried to tell me that an SD memory card wouldn't work in the camera and I needed to order an "error free" memory card (he actually said "SD is absolete(sic)")-RED FLAG#2. Luckily, I had done some homework and knew what he was telling me was incorrect and an attempt to con me into grossly overpriced accessories. I declined any accessories and he promptly hung up the phone.

    I then call there "customer service" department to ensure that my order would still ship, and after being on hold for no less than 25 minutes, was told that the camera was In Stock and would ship within 3 days. At that time I asked for email confirmation of my order including price and expected ship date. I was told I'd get it shortly and never did.

    5 days later I called back to check on the order and was told that the camera was on a short back order of 10-14 business days. UGH!

    I cancelled the order today and am going with a different retailer.

    I'm convinced there's a reason this company posted a price so cheap. They get you in the door with a low price, lie to you to get you to buy WAY overpriced extras. If you decline the extras, they drag out a backorder until you cancel the order so that they never have to sell a camera at the advertised price.


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