Top To Bottom Lawn & Tree / Bogus Charges

1 2730 Cooper Creek Rd, Denton, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 940-384-9273

This company rarely, if ever returns phone calls and/or emails.

I closed my account & paid it off in full over 5 months ago. Despite this, the company has kept my account active and has charged me for two service calls (mowing/weedeating) which were never made. Basically, their computer system is still automatically charging me for services which are NOT being rendered. No one has been here to mow/weedeat, but I've been charged twice.

I've called/emailed, but (no surprise) have not heard back.

Today I received a notice that they have turned my account into collections for THEFT.

I've reported Top to Bottom Lawn to the BBB and am now looking at months of wasted time to get this situation rectified and to get the bogus charge cleared off of my credit report

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