Top Star Express Exxon #12 / Taken advantage of because of gender & age

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I am VERY unhappy with my most recent experience at this Exxon. Thanks to an employee named Jacob working behind the cash register, I feel taken advantage of and very disrespected due to a lack of customer courtesy.

I went into the hellertown Exxon #12 at 8:15pm on February 12 2014. Prior to stopping at the Exxon, I had stopped at MacDonald's in Nazareth right off of 33 to get my daughter a happy meal. As I always do, I also purchased a coffee for myself and requested my usual amount of cream and sugar be added to my coffee. After opening and taking my first sip of my purchased coffee, I realized that the girl who had served me failed to include my cream and sugar. I figured I would just get off of rt 78 in hellertown and stop @ a gas station for my cream. I could have stopped at Turkey Hill which probably would have been a more convenient stop but up until now, I had preferred the Exxon. So I went out of my way, past the street I needed to turn on just so I could go to the Exxon.

I walked into the store and over to the coffee station which is located directly next to the counter where the registers are. The employee, Jacob, whom was very rude to me, was standing at the very end of the counter right next to the coffee station. He watched me remove the lid from my coffee cup and add 3 individual servings of creamer, after which I returned the lid to my coffee cup.

For good manner, I decided that I should purchase something before leaving the store. So I grabbed two honey buns and proceeded to the register where Jacob was waiting. He rang up my purchase and recited the total to me, which I informed him was incorrect. He then stated that the charge was for the two honey buns and the cup of coffee. I explained to him that the coffee was mine previously purchased, and showed him the MacDonald's cup. I then explained to him that I simply needed to add some cream to it and would gladly pay for the 3 creams I used. Jacob had been standing at the end of the counter and watched me walk in with my coffee, remove the lid and add the cream before placing the lid back on the cup. Despite him watching me do this, he still had me explain myself. After explaining to him what I was doing, he insisted that he was going to charge me for a full cup of coffee "because I had not said Hi to him when I walked in." On top of charging me for a cup of coffee that I had already paid for, he also refused to let me speak with a manager regarding the issue and also would not give me a receipt for my purchase. He was very rude, uncooperative, and unprofessional.

I am very disappointed with my experience and with Exxon for its lack of judgement when choosing its employees. As a frequenting customer, I believe I deserve a certain amount of respect and I am very unhappy with the way this situation was handled. I will certainly think twice before giving my business to Exxon again, if ever. I will also be informing my friends, colleagues, and family about the lack of courtesy and respect Exxon and their employees have for their customers. I feel that this employee, Jacob, took advantage of me and of the fact that I am an honest and non-confrontational person. This is VERY disappointing and quite disheartening. I believe that, had I been a middle aged man this situation would have played out quite differently but because I am a young female, I was taken advantage of.

Feb 12, 2014
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  • Ba
      7th of Jul, 2014

    Dont feel bad i have been going 2 the Top Star Express in Trexlertown since its start up, well July 4th 2014 i went there @ 5 am in the morning place was not open. I went back after 6 am & told the so called girl manager about it well its a Holiday & we dont open till 6 am then i told her then post it WTF, she did not want to hear it. I then proceeded out the door and said fn ### now i am barred 4 life WTF after spending $400.00 a month there. I called Joe Stark & told him about but no answer yet hmmmmmmm ! Guess Sunoco will be getting my business now. That place has seen more employees & managers then Carter has liver pills LMAO !

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  • Ba
      7th of Jul, 2014

    OOPS ! almost forgot now the so called girl manager is blowing off her mouth to people in & around Breinigsville & trexlertown that i got barred from the store 5 people came & told my dad, goes to show her little girl smarts !

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  • Di
      8th of Aug, 2014

    I actually stop here on my way to work for.several months nice folks, jacob seems polite and respectful usually the one I see there besides the other chick a

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