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Top Savings contacted me. I wasn't sure how they got my cell phone number and was leary of the call. I still listened, wrote info down and tried to research the company before committing. I had a gut feeling it wasn't worth doing, but wanted to get my debt down so thought it would be a way to do it without damaging my credit report. I was told that I would be charged immediately $549 and if they were unable to find me a source to consolidate my bills after 3 attempts, that if I sent everything back including the 3 rejections letters that I would receive $499 back.

3 companies turned me down. I followed Tops Savings' directions to the letter PLUS I sent it all with a signature required for receipt! Top Savings received the complete package with rejection letters. They sent me some other letter to sign to to verify the amount. I sent it back and called them. They confirmed all was received and was now in process for the refund, but not to expect the refund for about 8 weeks!

I have waited patiently... it has been 8 weeks now... still NO REFUND! I'm sure they expect people to forget about it. I haven't, and I won't till the money is back in my account!

Today I sent an email letting them know I expect the money by Oct 31 or I will look into legal action. I truly hope that will not be necessary!

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  • Da
      Feb 05, 2009

    They are very non-specific about what they do. I was contacted by a friendly, part-time sales woman and after lengthy discussion it is still very unclear as to what they do except charge you $549 for a 'Profile Sheet' application form, and then they will apply on your behalf for credit cards, presumably for lower rates. It sounds like this is something you could definitely do yourself. They are not a debt consolidator, and I was immediately wary that they would take the payment and record the verbal terms over the phone in a follow up call without sending you a written contract to review and sign (thus, they are the only ones who have the terms of the contract, unless you record the call, and are given no chance to review the contract, something I'm careful to do.) If three banks turn you down for a credit card, you can apply (with the rejection letters) for up to $412 refund (75%). So basically, you are paying $549 for them to apply for some credit cards for you. Pfffft. I'd much rather try where the banks compete for your business.

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