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Top Sales/magazines / Old employee

1 25297 Mahalo CirMadison, AL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 18775486562

I am sick of keeping my mouth shut about this situation. I was 17 when I began to work for mag crew. The company was named C&S(Computer and Stuff) at the time. That company was owned by Howard Brock and Dave Fussell. Well right after I began to work there they changed there name to Southern Circulations Inc. (SCI) we were told we just needed a better name but I would later find out it was for the fact of them not sending out the magazines. Well for some reason Tracy Fussell took over Dave Fussells part of the business and started to run it with Howard and well it didn't work out all that great and she took the whole business from Howard and now SCI is owned by Dave and Tracy Fussell. Howard began to create a new name for the new company and that is Top Sales. He put the company under his mothers name to protect himself. But that is just a quick over view of those who are wondering this is the story of my life running around for this man. He does not only abuse the customers but the agents who work for him.

I was 17 years old when I began working for this man and his GM Sean Nation sat down with my father and fed him a lot of lies. He said if I needed to go to the hospital I would have a ride, If i needed to call home I could use his phone, If for any reason I got a solicitation ticket-it would be payed for by the company itself but he said no need to worry about that because they pervide permits right(NO THEY DO NOT!!!), Sean preceded on telling him that this is a great opportunity for me and I could make great money, while traveling the country and move up and some day have my own company and if after 3 weeks I wasn't right for the job they would send me home on a greyhound and they WOULD PAY. Well sounds great right... Especially for the a child who is 17 and wants to see all around the country. It didn't happen like that. The 2nd night I was there I was made to show my breast to one of the bosses. Then they had control over the phones... They put a block on the hotel phones and I had to ask for permission to use one and they stand right there and listen to what you are saying to who not only that It is not just mental abuse they put people through... I have seen them beat up others for wanting to leave, literally throw people through windows because they were all on drugs... I have seen them throw people out of cars then mentally abuse them this the point on girl couldn't deal with it no more and cut herself really bad... I HAVE SEEN IT ALL and I cant even explain it... Most of you are wondering why I didn't leave... well its not as easy as that you have to sneak out because you don't know what they will do and you are scared and i was young and dumb i still am. I left and came back because being so young its hard to make it in the real world. I ended up getting married out there to my wonderful husband. He did everything for me but that is when it all began. They tried faking that i stole money from the company, they started threats towards me, and when you are in love i was afraid I would lose my husband because when you are out there they do have that kind of power. Heck I was raped at a door and I was not allowed to go to the police. I am still dealing with that on my 18th birthday and they said the police would not have believed me because i was ### and now an adult and they still made me knock doors that day and the boss belittled me really bad because i didn't make my quota. I watched a kid overdose because the boss gave the permission to let them get heroin and when the ambulance arrived no one had told them what he was on and I took a random guess because of the fact i seen one of the managers with it and that was not suppose to be allowed on crew I told Howard before all this happened and he assured me that it would be taken care of WELL IT WASN'T INTILL ONE OF MY GOOD FRIENDS DIED and I was the only reason he was revived. I have seen the bosses sell weed to the agents to make money and that reminds me lets talk about pay ok say the magazine is $49 well 15 of that is call a P&H and that all goes to the company then $17 is for the company as well and well the remainder $17 is called production and at nigh you make 30% and the remainder 20% is put on the books to cover cancellations and you hotel rent but when you get your books up past $200 you get to keep that money THEY LIE because I have never seen anything off my books neither has my husband. Say you sell 6 magazines you make the company at least $294 and you make about $30 if they feel like paying you that day but a lot of the time they say they don't have enough money to pay you plus you won't see what is on your books. But that is a lucky day because you don't make that many sells and when you don't make any you make 10 dollars and when you make one you make 15 dollars and when you have 3 or more you make 20 dollars if you are lucky. That is what you get payed for working from 9am to 9pm with out any brakes or lunches. Then we have received tickets for selling mag. in places where we needed permits they would lie to us and say we got them or O you don't need them here and well they will not pay for your fines and tickets. Then they leave people stranded with out any money even sometimes with out their clothes they will take what they want from you and YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT because they do not pay for bus tickets only the ones to get you out there. Then when we finally left and contacted a lawyer was when I found out I was pregnant and they threatened to beat my @$$ for not abiding their rules calling them out for not sending magazines and Howard told them that was alright because he was standing right there then we went to NC and they made me stay in my room for 4 days while my husband went to Alabama for court without eating I was so dehydrated I was emitted into the hospital and my husband got threatened by his suppose to be brother because he went and got me food instead of doing what his boss told him to do. The boss then proceeded to tell him I don't care if it is your mother father child wife or brother the company comes first and that is when my husband said no. He got fired and then was left. So now my husband is trying to do what is best for our family and Howard won't pay off his fines which was an agreement when we were hired as long as it was for selling magazines but he refuses. Now my husband getting in the Army to protect our country and THEIR RIGHTS TO KEEP ON SCAMMING PEOPLE and Howard won't give him the money he owes him off of his books, so we are broke and cant pay the fines and he wont pay what he agreed to as well. And for you all that has bought magazines from this organization be aware because they do not send them. I answered phone calls for a day and I cant even tell you the calls I got in. That is why they started threatening me after I got pregnant because I stepped up and asked why aren't you returning these peoples calls, sending them refunds, or even their mag. because on average it cost couple dollars to get a subscription. So I am sorry for you that have been badly affected by this company but they aren't just scamming you most of the agents that work for them have not other place to go. Thank The Lord that I have wonderful in laws that helped us in a sticky situation because I WOULD NEVER ALLOW MY CHILD OUT THERE... who knows what would of or even could have happened out there because I DON'T TRUST THEM... If they threaten a pregnant lady and wont let her leave and eat what else are they possible in doing.

Now since I told you a little bit about this company let me tell you how it has effected my life... I met a wonderful man that would do anything for me but It makes me a little shy and timid around people and I don't trust many. I have tickets and fines that I can not pay and I was ripped off of a lot of money I am still owed and the emotional memories that I have to live with everyday and I cant even talk about what really bugs me... The reputation i got for selling the magazines to family and friends and they still have not
received the magazine. I have to deal with the treats still being made and now the stress that it has put on my marriage and my future. I have to start my life over again and hope I have it where it needs to be before my child gets here because I have to give it what ever It needs because now this baby is number one and I will do what ever it takes to be the best mother it takes. I just don't want another person have to go through what I did or others i have seen. I am angry and hurt to think that some one can use young kids to get their money. I think it should be agents the law what these people are doing but it has been around for ages and with out the outside helping to shut these scam artist down they will always be around. So if any one has any ?s you can email me at Thanks

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  • Hu
      6th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    you should make a criminal charges against the people in the company

  • St
      26th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but is there any possible way I could get a hold of this company? We ordered magazines over 6 months ago and still have not received anything or heard one word. I plan on pressing charges against them for fraud. And I'm guessing I'm probably not the only one that has planned on doing so. I'm sorry they took advantage of you too as an employee, no one deserves that.

  • Ki
      12th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    That's so sad. I can't believe they treated you like this. And I was totally convinced by the boy who came into my dorm to talk to me about his chance to win a trip to Europe if he got people to by his magazines. Now I knew it was a fraud. This company seems like ### I'm so sorry for all you went through. I'm just pissed that they took 34 dollars from me. I should've known but the boy was so convincing. I guess he was acting. I guess it's kinda my fault for trusting someone so easily. For once I wasn't going to turn away a person asking for donations. Thank you for this warning to all others who try to buy/ be a part of this company.

  • Ra
      17th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I got my magazines from them. I called for a while and no one called me back but then the new office manager called me and explained that the previous office manager had not been putting in orders or talking to customers at all. I got my magazine last week so it's not a scam. They just had bad people working for them. I also found out their email is And I don't believe that story. Anyone can say anything about anybody on here. That doesn't make it true.

  • Lu
      24th of Feb, 2011
    -2 Votes

    Here you guys go. Made this public. I hate that a company like this is operating in my own back yard and doing this to people. Based on reports online, Tracy Turner and Sean Nation have had their hands in alot when it comes to magazine sales. There are direct links to Top Sales and Sean Nation/Tracy Turner to both Veritas Communications and Souther Circulation as well. Based on my research, Tracy Turner (the manager for Top Sales) is actually Tracy Fussell, the owner of Veritas Communications and the wife of Dave Fussell, who has been running this racket under other companies all over the US.

    I've made complaints with the Alabama AG as well and have forwarded my findings to them.

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