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These are complete crooks. You can complete every requirement possible and then they will never respond to you. Don't fall for this scam. I did. They take your money and run. They leave no phone number because they don't want you to be able to find out that they are crooks until it is too late. Run, run as fast and far away from this site as you can. Liars, ###, scam artists, crooks. Whatever you want to call them, it probably sticks. They will not complete they half of the bargain. They will never send you a gas card, or money card, or even the give you a responce. Once they got you, they run with the money. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THIS SCAM. I lost hundreds of dollars trusting them. Don't let it be your money lost in this scam.

To the Consumer-Reward Zone, going under Top Notch Media, Inc. ### YOU ###. LIARS. CROOKS. I HOPE YOU ROT AND DIE. BURN IN HELL MOTHER ###ERS.

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  • Sc
      Dec 12, 2008

    Yes they are crook, ### that lie and take your money

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  • Fo
      Apr 14, 2009

    Well, did you guys must have qualified for your reward. Or did you not? There's a link on their site that leads to the gift status and that will tell you whether you quality - yet. I met all the requirements but am yet to claim my reward but I will probably do so today.

    Will report back as to their integrity.

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  • Th
      Aug 21, 2010

    I despise this company and all company's of a similar nature. I did not fall for the scam, I was simply trying to stream a t.v. show. If I filled out a "quick survey" I would be able to watch the show. The survey led to another survey which led to another survey, and so on. Like a russian doll filled with lies (plus dolls). I would like to find these people and waste their time. Steal it. It's only fair. Blood for blood.

    Who benefits from this madness????Why not have an actual, legitimate business that provides an actual product, or service???? Maybe they could get a paper route. Lemonade stands are a good source of income. Or they could get a [censor]ing job. I've had 30 of the mother[censor]ers, so I know that it is possible to find ONE.

    Here is my advice; Do not take surveys

    Do not give money to people who are promoting
    themselves in an aggressive(or offensive) manner. Your
    contribution enables and encourages this kind of [censor]ery.

    You vote with your dollar. Vote with your dollar(I had to say it twice). The only vote that truly matters(in my country, Canada) is the money vote. When people realize that the best interests of the company(could be any company) are identical to the best interests of the public, people will be free to conduct business in a manner that does not gouge the wallet. Boycott everyone that does harm. Force them to play fair. They need us.

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  • La
      Feb 08, 2011

    just got an emails stating they would give me a $500 gift cart for Costco for taking a short, few minute survey.
    After reading the complaints, I think I'll pass.
    A Big thanks to you guys for taking the time to warn the rest of us.

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  • Ut
      Aug 29, 2011

    if you read the fine print it says their not affiliated with these companies. automatic red flag boys and girls

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  • Ma
      Sep 27, 2011

    I brought up Wikipedia and got hijacked to their e-ResearchCouncil site. Showed that I had already won a $1000 Visa card. The display was "You have won in New York!" but when advancing to the next page I had to "qualify." A dirty trick to get you another level in. I read the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. The horror! Everything including your IP address, name, age, health, etc. was on the table for advertisers to contact you about. Being cautious, I searched on e-ResearchCouncil and Top Notch Media. Smoke and mirrors. Try a WhoIs and see. On the scale of Noon to Midnight I'd call this operation Shady.

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  • Bu
      Dec 03, 2011

    if they have your IP than you have theirs;)) give me, give me;)))

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