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We just closed on our refinance last night. The whole process was a fiasco. We started this on July 8th and finished on August 19, at 10:00 p.m. We had nothing but broken promises and lies. Phone calls not returned, emails not returned. Closing costs started off at $5000.00, ended up being $7800.00 We were quoted at 5.375% rate, then it went to 6.5%. Hubby called and told them to screw it. They called back with6.0%. We took it. After having our credit ran numerous times and such, our credit score was down (approx 60 points) and we had spent WEEKS trying to get them all the paperwork that they asked for over and over. They called our inlaws with questions. Numerous 3 way calls with people. Up until 5 hours before we were supposed to call they were still trying to get information that should of been collected way before this time. We have a better interest rate, but after all the trouble and time we put into trying to get this done, we will NEVER go back to them. Too much hassle. Should of just went to our local bank!! Live and learn...

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  • Ro
      Aug 25, 2009

    another ### fraud company doing their adds on tv is their any way they worked with bernie madoff they never helped me saying i need a credit card to establish for credit kiss my credit card

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  • Fl
      Aug 26, 2009

    doesnt' it make you wonder how a mortgage broker / lender can afford to do all the radio and tv advertising that this company does. last time I saw this type of advertising it was Ameriquest...guess we know where they ended up...
    dealing with local people that have a work ethic for accountability is the key right now.
    believe it or not, being able to walk into your lenders office and talk to them face to face about problems or status is very important...too many lenders, even the big guys (B of A, Wells, Wachovia) have "centers" and you may be dealing with someone in another state even though you want to your local branch.

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