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Top Choice Digital / Bait & Switch/Fraud/Scam

1 NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-849-1272

I ordered a canon camera and lens from this website. Although, I had never done business with before, the price was very good.

A few days after placing the order, I get a call from topchoicedigital asking me if I wanted to purchase some accessories to go with my camera... my answer was "no". They asked me if I wanted to insure my order, again my answer was "no". Finally, they said they would have to add a 6% handling fee to my order. At this point I told them to cancel my order.

In hind sight, they wanted me to cancel my order. If a customer--or sucker--is not going to order their over priced accessories and insurance, then they want you to cancel your order. My guess is that the camera was advertised below their actual cost to lure in customers. I sincerely believe they had no intention of selling me the camera at their own website price.

Bottom line, AVOID They are cyber scam artist!

PS - I ended up going to B&H Photo, which I should have done in the first place.

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  • Ba
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I had similar results with Top Choice Digital. They are advertising the new Canon 5D Mark II at $2550, which is about $150 less than list. As a brand new item with limited inventory and high demand, no one is offering any kind of discount on this. When I informed them that I did not want their $160 extended life battery (The rep insisted that the stock battery had a very short life, despite Canon's promotion of their new battery for the 5D Mark II and its 30% increase in power with 850 shots on a full charge) I also declined their Extended warranty. When I was given the total, it was over $200 higher than their quoted price. When I questioned the total I was told that there was a 9% handling and insurance charge. All other legitimate Camera companies fully disclose shipping and insurance costs. Presently, most of the larger companies (B&H, J&R, etc) are offering free ground shipping that includes insurance. No extra hidden fees anywhere. This company is a rip-off scam that tries to lure you in with low advertised prices and then jack up the price after you have spent half an hour on the phone with them, providing credit card #'s, shipping information, etc. STAY AWAY !!!

  • Ma
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    I purchased just the 5d Mark II body on line. I noticed on my receipt that there was no amount listed. It has my card numer but no amount. Didn't think anything about it. I should have!!! Got a phone call from them the next day and I was a sucker for their lies and purchased warranties, batteries that don't exist. There is no such thing as 4 6 or 8 hour batteries for this camera. You don't need different compact flash cards from a 20D. I was duped. I was took. I ordered a lens too.

    I asked for an emailed update on this order. Never got one. I have asked 3 times over the phone after this phone order and still have not recieved one. I have requested one through email to them...I have not recieved one. I have not idea what my charges are for these items... I went on line to check out the batteries he sold me. Couldn't find them. Called TCD AND They said the BATTTERIES were new for the 5d so people didn't have them. I was still skeptical and asked to cancel the order. They told me it was already shipped. They talked about my great package deal. Made me think I was getting a real deal. I let the order go.

    The next day it just wasn't sitting with me . Did some more research and realized I had really been taken. Worse yet they gave me a final price over the phone. I decided to call my credit card company to see if they had charged me and found they had a pending charge for $1500. more than the price I was given over the phone. I called TCD back to cancel and they again said it had been shipped the day before so no I couldn't cancel the order. When I asked for a tracking number he couldn't give me one. Said it would take some time to get that information. In the meantime I called my card company back...frantic that they stop the process. They said they couldn't do anything until it is posted.

    I called TDC back later but found they were not answering their phones. I finally got through and he did give me a tracking number. Since he told me it was shipped the day before, I went online to UPS tracking and it wouldn't show up... It finally did about 8:30 that night because that is when the billing informations was recieved. The package wasn't picked up until 9:00 that night. They had told me it was shipped the day before. LIES...

    It is being shipped to me overnight. I am refusing the package. I Don't dare open it up. I was told by a UPS driver to refuse the package. I can go online and watch the return and know when they get it back.

    These guys are scammers. They are not honest at all. I have frantically called my credit card company about 5 times in a day to see if the charges have gone through. You cannot dispute it until it is posted. This is a nightmare. I got TDC address on this site...called Canon to report them...they are not a liscened Canon dealer...they are selling black market goods. Now I'm panicking. I asked them if my prodcut was IMPORTED. They said no. I am not going to open it to find out. They have already lied why would I trust them on this. If it is imported there is no US warranty. It has to have a warranty card and it has to have USA on it.

    Yes we should all stick with B&H Photo. I didn't order from them because they didn't have the camera. That right there should tell me that if anyone else does it is a red flag. If google search gives no rating or a poor rating it is a good sign to stay away from these people. TOP CHOICE IS BAD NEWS. If I had done my research I would have found this out before I ordered.

    I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, my attorney general. I have already contacted CANON...They can do nothing since these poeple are not a licensed dealers of Canon. But I would suggest that all of you contact the company of the product you purchased to report them. If enough people make the manufacturers aware of these scammers...maybe something will change... like they have to report their licesne no. on their site. If they don't have one don't buy. It should have a direct link to the manufacturer. Now that is a thought.

    For further reference when you order on-line...if they do not give a physical address for their company DONT BUY...better yet if google doesn't have a good report for them...DONT BUY

  • Da
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    Dam I wish I saw this site first ... I just got took ... advertise for 444. and they clip me for 613. Is every body in New York Like this ...corrupt ...? Like the Govt.

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