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Top Choice Digital / scam

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SCAM ! I ordered a camera online and 2 days later i was asked to confirm the purchase by phone. When I called they "gentleman" said they are going to ship the camera at higher price as this includes "standard insurance". I rejected and said that I am paying only the price that I had at check out. Same thing happened when I tried to buy similar camera form Broadway Photo and HD Camera World and the person at top choice digital new about it. So it same scammers behind several on line retailers who are nothing else but fraud and time wasters. I tried to post negative review at where some of them are "trusted sellers" and ofcourse my review was not posted. This is just few people who have several on line companies and probably "work" from home trying to cheat whoever they can. Stay away !

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  • Mi
      6th of Oct, 2008

    Top Choice Digital or is a scammer. I ordered a camera 2 weeks ago. Before placing my order, I called to confirm they had the camera in stock, and that it came with all the accessories they described on their site and was described on the camera's manufacturer's site. The salesperson I spoke with said the camera was in stock, but that his computer was currently down and if I could place the order online.
    I placed the order online, buying one camera. When I received their invoice (email) it said tow cameras. I called to ensure I would only be charged and sent one camera, which they were able to change on my order. The lady was very persistent that I "needed" to buy a replacement rechargeable battery as the one that came with the camera was only a one use battery. Their price on the battery was ridicolous ($39). So I bought the battery on ebay, even got 2 batteries and the charger for $15.
    The batteries arrive, but the camera still has not. I called and spoke to their manager who said that the camera was not in stock, and they would ship out that day. Here we are a week later and still no camera. Now I call and they transfer me to a message, they won't even tell me the status on my order.

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  • Ba
      10th of Oct, 2008

    Bait and switch sceme

    I ordered a projector, was sent a email asked to confirm, then told that projector did not include a bulb! After adding that the price was higher then every where else.

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  • Sa
      15th of Oct, 2008


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  • Br
      20th of Oct, 2008

    I wish I had seen this site before placing my order.

    These guys are scam artist. I purchased a projector bulb. They never shipped the bulb. They never returned my emails or calls. And…When I got my credit card statemen; they had charged me double the purchase price. I am currently in dispute with them thought my credit card company.

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  • Te
      28th of Oct, 2008

    I wish I had found this site too. Found them on froogle, lowest price by far on a digital flash camcorder. Placed the order online then received a confirmation email indicating that I needed to call them to confirm my order. Found this a little fishy but called. Then a rude customer service guy tells me I need to upgrade my battery because the camera only has a 15 minute Li-Ion battery. I finally received the product, but now question whether or not the product is new or refurbished. Would never order from them again. It's worth paying the difference to find a legitimate provider.

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  • Gi
      1st of Nov, 2008

    Indeed, they are scammers. I ordered a camcorder online (lowest price anywhere), got the email to call and confirm... rude guy told me I must buy the extended battery for it (very pricey and there isn't actually such an option listed anywhere on the manufacturer's site and it would be impossible to fit a larger battery). So I didn't agree to take the battery. Then he told me they don't have in stock right now, will arrive only in a week or so. I told him fine, I can wait. Then he changed the price.

    I had very similar story with Broadway Photo. Same battery story. But after me not agreeing to buy the battery, I was told the camera is actually the Japan version, so all menus are in Japanese only, and it was going to come with Japan warranty (!?!)

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  • Pr
      12th of Nov, 2008

    I agree ! These people should not be allowed to stay in business. Buyer beware! I have learned my lesson the hard way. Check sites like this before making an on-line purchase.

    I was jerked around beyond belief but in the end was only out shipping charges for both directions. They sold me a used MacBook Pro. It had been a floor model in a large retailer. They did not have the sense to go into the computer to delete the information. I contacted the person that the the computer was registered to. He confirmed that he had sold it a few months ago and that it was a floor model for the better part of a year in his store.
    If anyone buys from these people after reading these complaints, they deserve what they get.

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  • Di
      26th of Nov, 2008

    I too have had a frustrating experience with Top Choice Digital. I attempted to purchase the Sony DBP-S350 Blu-ray Disc Player for a the checkout price of $200 on 11/06/08. About a week had gone by with no confirmation, so I contacted them to check status. I was informed that their was no problem, but that the unit did not come with HDMI cables and I may wish to consider purchasing them. I advised, no, just please ship the unit. I was informed that it would leave that same day. I still haven't received the order, nor a confirmation, nor a tracking number. I am on the phone again with them now and it has 11 minutes of recorded messages... thank you for holding, we appreciate your business, we will be back in a moment.

    I am submitting this message on 11/26/08. This is 20 days after I ordered my product from Top Choice Digital. If you feel the slightes bit compelled to purchase anything from them in an attempt to save $20, DON'T BOTHER!!!

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  • St
      2nd of Dec, 2008

    I have apparently, also been scammed by after finding them through Froogle. Would it be beneficial to alert Google that they are promoting a scam operation?

    A week after placing an order online for a GPS system, they sent me an email saying that I needed to call. I tried to call yesterday and today, each time the line has been busy (!). I tried to email their [protected]@ and [protected]@ emails and got an undeliverable in return.

    Then I found this site - ug. Worst fears confirmed. They haven't charged me yet so, I have since called my bank and canceled my credit card.

    What d-bags.

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  • Br
      4th of Dec, 2008

    Top Choice Digital scamed me as well. I ordered a projector bulb and they billed me for two. They never shipped the one. I have filed a complaint.

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  • Dr
      8th of Dec, 2008


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  • Sh
      10th of Dec, 2008

    You can follow up be checking out the NYS Div of Corps:

    337 EAST 89TH STREET

    TOP CHOICE DIGITAL INC. (aka Cameratopia 2001)
    1709 65TH STREET

    also read more here:

    Broadway Family:,,,,, and;, Quest 4 Cameras,
    2931 Avenue S, Marine Park 11229
    The first block of names are the former Central Digital family. After moving to Edison, NJ they went out of business and the domain names resurfaced here as part of Broadway Photo. This address is on all those web sites. The eBay stores Time 2 Envy, LLC (Time2Envy) and WikiDigital*com are now operating out of this location. The newest addition is Quest4Cameras. The domain was registered in May 2007 and for many months they successfully cloaked this address. The only clue was on DealTime/ they are listed as Brooklyn with this 11229 zip code. Now the BBB has this as another name for this location. All located here are part of Broadway Photo with merchandise shipped out of Broadway Photo's warehousing/distribution system. An interesting sidenote is this storefront was used many years ago by a long defunct Top Choice Digital.

    here's a photo:

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  • Ma
      19th of Dec, 2008

    Everything mentioned here is the same story as mine. DONT BUY FROM THEM. Don't buy from anyone who calls you back after you have ordered and they try to sell you a line of goods. They will never send you an updated invoice and they will charge you more than they tell you over the phone. If they revealed their hidden costs NO ONE would do business with them. If you call to cancel they will tell you it has already been shipped. If you ask for a tracking number, they will tell you they don't have access to it for at least 3 or 4 hours. That is because it hasn't been shipped yet.

    They will try to ship you a package without requiring a signature so that they can collect their money. I fortunately had a relative who is a UPS driver and was warned to refuse the package. You have to catch the driver so he doesn't leave the package. Even though the amount they had sent to the credit card company was huge... meaning the value of my package should have required a signature to protect me and them...they were not asking for a signature. I waited for the UPS man all day and refused the package so it was sent back to them. It is a total nightmare. They are SCAMMERS. I checked with Canon and they are NOT an authorized Canon dealer so anything Canon probably black market or second hand and is not backed by canon. If there is No US Canon warranty in the box you have no warranty. Buy a warranty from them and it is only as good as their word and as we know their word is DISHONEST.

    These people honestly should NOT be allowed to do business. I think every seller should have a section on their site that links them to the manufacturer to verify that they are an authorized dealer. If not...don't buy. Unfortunately that is not the case. Buying on line?... PAY ATTENTION TO THE SELLER RATINGS. THEY ARE THERE TO WARN YOU and PROTECT YOU. DON'T BE ENTICED BY LOW PRICES!!! Pay more and buy from the top rated sellers. I was duped and I will fight back.

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  • Fa
      2nd of Jan, 2009

    This company is rediculous.
    It is a joke really. I bought a new camera for my daughter from this company 10 days before Christmas. We were on vacation. 2 days before Christmas they call me and say they have to ship it to our billing address because of credit card fraud. So Christmas morning, my daughter did not have her main gift to open. We got back about a week after Christmas, and the camera still isn't here 17 days later. We called the company and they said they had yet another glitch sending it to our billing address and were going to send it a week from today.
    We ordered her camera and we are expected to wait 24 days before we get it when we paid for quick shipping? I don't think so.
    This company is a joke and I have had nothing but problems from them.
    I definantly would NOT recommend buying ANYTHING from them, unless you enjoy feeling like a second class citizen.

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  • Ja
      7th of Jan, 2009
    Top Choice Digital - Bad service
    Top Choice Digital
    United States

    Purchasing was easy and the item was delivered within the expected time range. Great service and the item was in great condition. Would be more than happy to buy more from this site.

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  • Jj
      29th of Jan, 2009

    SCAM. Top Choice Digital offers good prices on "available" merchandise. However, when they call to "confirm" your order, they try to sell you accessories and an extended warantee. When I declined, they waited 10 days and cancelled my order by email, saying the product was NOT available from the manufacturer. When I called the next day, they said they could not get the product from the manufacturer. I pointed out that the product was STILL advertised as "available" on their website, I was informed that they were "updating" the website. Five days later it was STILL "available" on their website.

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  • St
      10th of Feb, 2009

    AVOID!!! Total rip off, Horrible customer service, they try to scam you into buying things that will not even work with your purchase. I bought a camera from them and they sent me a dead camera. The made me pay to ship it back and charged a restocking fee. I waited nearly an hour waiting on the phone for them to answer. Please consider paying a little extra and get peace of mind I would have gladly paid much more for better service. AGAIN AVOID at all costs

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  • He
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    I had a similar experience when I ordered a refurbished Garmin 2720. First I got a call, then when I got no confirmation of the order, I sent emails to cancel the order. The emails were returned by the system as undeliverable, I persisted and finally got emails delivered to cancel the order. They then replied that my referenced order# was incorrect, although it was in their header and it was correct, then finally after 2 weeks they said that they got my email too late to stop the shipment!!!

    I have reported them to the credit card company as fraudulent.


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  • Do
      29th of Mar, 2009

    What do I do if I ordered something already and its due here on Tuesday? I want my money back and wont even open the package. If I send it back are they going to refund the money to my credit card?? I feel so stupid!

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  • Lo
      12th of Aug, 2009

    I purchased a Nikon D90 dslr kit on Ebay for 1299.99. They called next day, offered "upgraded kit" and extended warranty for another $380.00. The Nikon D90 was advertised as "new/ never opened" in the Ebay listing. I paid $50 for two day shipping, this was a birthday present. I received an opened gray market Nikon D90 with a photocopied manual. I called their customer service line repeatedly never got through, endless hold. Finally called the billing department and demanded service. The woman I spoke with, Tammy, said it was a big mistake. They never meant to send me the gray market item. She promised to send me a "brand new, never opened, sealed in the box Nikon D90", with expedited free shipping. I paid for return shipping for the gray market item. Then they sent me another opened gray market Nikon D90. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe I fell for it twice either.

    These people are bad mojo and I had to open a paypal claim to get my money back. My penance for this moment of insanity is to write a review about this, everywhere. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I also reported them to the BBB, local internet fraud authorities and the I3C.

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