tool store go kart shop / improper handeling of customer services

1 4529 S. Harlem Avenue, Forest View, IL, US
Contact information:
Phone: 1-708-484-2442

I went into the store (tool store go kart shop) to get my ATV fixed/ repaired/ or exchanged. My ATV was not starting and I went to get it fixed at the tool store. They said they might be able to fix it but it will cost around 150 dollars. This was my second time going into the store to get my ATV fixed within a month. The first time I went to get my ATV fixed, my steering wheel was broken, the oil was leaking, the battery was not working, and they charged me 35 dollars. I was so confused the second time I went in because they said it would cost 150 dollars and the only problem with the ATV was just the steering thing. My family and I wanted to exchange the car and the store people said it was not exchangeable, and it was not returnable. There was never a note or sign that said, NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES... On the receipt we had it did state that they do not do returns/exchanged without the receipt. BUT we had the receipt, and the store people still gave us a problem. They constantly harassed us and said we don't know what we are talking about and the owner of the store and the manager of the store constantly had different rules or things they told us. The owner said we can get our ATV fixed but not returned. The manager said it so rudely that getting you ATV fixed is not an option. They also, constantly change the price of their services, such as how much the repairs are and how much the vehicles cost... CONFUSED!!!

Overall, the customer service was horrible at this place. We were constantly harassed, and lied to... WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

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